Wasteland 3 The Psychopath Walkthrough

One of the Primary Missions in Wasteland 3 is The Psychopath and our walkthrough will help you through it and complete the objective with ease

One of the Primary Missions in Wasteland 3 is The Psychopath and our walkthrough will help you through it. It also ties into the story of Raising a little hell.

Wasteland 3 The Psychopath

This guide will walk you through the whole quest of The Psychopath. So, let’s jump right into the mission walkthrough.

Objective: Travel to Aspen and arrest Vic Buchanan.

Just remember that the recommended level for this mission is 17, so make sure your characters are at least level 17 or it gets pretty tough.

Also make sure that before you head out to Aspen you have upgraded the chassis of the Kodiak so that it is capable of handling the increased radiation.

There is going to be a lot of radiation where you are heading so make sure to have plenty of healing and antidotes.

Let’s make our way to Aspen. Players will need to begin their journey by going Southwest from Colorado Springs and then just keep making your way North.

If you travel North from Denver than you can still get to Aspen but there is no marked path here.

The aforementioned quest ‘Raising a little hell’ will trigger automatically when you reach Aspen. And you will have to complete this, no way around it as it is part of the Psychopath quest.

In raising a little hell, you will have to rescue some hostages, you will be given a Key. This key is of the Patriarch Wing and will be given to you by Ash.

Make your way back to the Hallway from here with the traps. You can disable them from the same room in which Rook and Reeds were.

Now your team needs to coordinate, make one character stand on the floor panel with the pressure plate to disable the gas blocking your way.

Another one to go past him and turn the generator on so that the gas can be fully cleared for your whole squad to go through.

You will be nearing your destination now, make sure to watch out for mechanical turrets and breathers when you reach the Patriarch Wing.

With a 7 mechanical skill, you can disable two generators to turn off the laser turrets.

Now ahead there will be a room in which you can find Vic hiding.

Once he lets you into the room, there are 3 ways to deal with him depending on your skills.

  • Kiss Ass (10) – Convince him that his father will keep sending people no matter what.
  • First Aid (8) – Convince him he needs to see a doctor because of the gas he’s been using.
  • Attack him.

Well it seems he is a sly man and in the resulting conversation he will try to persuade you instead and now again you will have three options.

  • Arrest him
  • Kill him
  • Recruit him as a Companion.

Now to complete the quest just head on back to the Patriarchs Palace and talk to him to end the mission.

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