Wasteland 3 Raising a Little Hell Walkthrough

This Wasteland 3 walkthrough will cover the primary mission Raising A Little Hell. The Wasteland 3 Raising a Little Hell mission starts when you enter Aspen and do the Psychopath mission.

Wasteland 3 Raising a Little Hell

We will go over every objective and battle in Raising a Little Hell mission, as well as little hidden things to watch out for.

Talk to Ranger Riley Woodson in Little Hell

Woodson will call you over the radio and you will learn that he is being held hostage by Vic Buchanan.

You will then run ahead and encounter 3 Breathers and 3 Crazers along with a Fumer. Defeat them to get the keys to the Employee Lounge and Welcome Lodge.

Alternatively, you can open the doors by picking the locks before you can pick up the keys.

This will create the option for 2 paths that will grant you some exp.  First, you can have a battle through the front entrance.


The second path has you enter the Employee Lounge, pick a door’s lock (Use lockpicking level 7 or collect the Admin Office Key from further up ahead) and then head downstairs. Watch out for the explosives trap at the top of the stairs though.

Once you’re downstairs, you can find a Level 6 Nerd Stuff computer. This can be used to get the Heavy Machine Turret to help you take out the Crazer in the Welcome Lodge and other foes.

How to Lower the Bridge in Aspen

If you didn’t collect a key from the Crazer upon its death, you should make your way to the door and lockpick it to access the computer inside.

Use it to the lower the bridge outside and then head out there.

Once you get there, Woodson will call you over the radio again to inform you about a weapons cache that you can find if you head right across the bridge.

Heading Right (Getting the Weapon Cache)

You will have to battle 4 Breather and Crazers, along with a single Fumer if you head down this path. The weapon cache can be found before going up the stairs.

Up ahead is the path to the armory. You can either go down the route that leads to the basement doors or the one with the generator.

The latter requires Level 8 Mechanics skill to fix the generator so that you can then use the computer to lift the cargo container that is blocking your path.

You can then access the armory and if you have Level 6 Nerd Stuff then you can turn off the defenses. This will allow you to take down the robots and loot the place for weapons.

Heading Left (Get to the Gondola Building)

Heading left will be perilous and you must have a high Lockpicking and Explosives skill to make it through it. There will also be some dangerous puzzles involving blades.

This path skips over a bunch of enemies but you will also miss the weapons cache.

Whichever route you chose, you will eventually end up near the gondola building. You will encounter a bunch of enemies here.

This includes 2 Heavy Machine Turrets, 1 Federico, 1 Nox-Bomber, 2 Breathers and 2 Crazers.

We recommend taking care of the turrets by bringing a level 6 mechanic to the generator that powers them.

After taking down the enemies, you can collect the key to the building from one of their corpses.

Rescuing 5 Hostages

Enter and turn on the power. You will then spot a hostage hanging over a fire just outside the Little Hell lodge.  Rescue Hardee Knox to earn some fame and then enter Little Hell.

Here you will have to battle 3 Crazers, 3 Breathers and 2 Fumers. Once they’ve been dealt with, you will finally find Ranger Riley Woodson in the backroom. If you have Level 6 First Aid then Woodson can get some extra help from you.

There is a locked door in the hallway with an intercom. Interact with it and you will hear Ash threatening to kill the hostages if you go inside. If you enter then you can end the mission but the hostages will die.

Go past the previously mentioned door. Take out the Sawpups and enter the room on the left. Take out the Breathers and talk to the Gift.

You have many dialogue options here which include:

  • Mechanics (7) : Inquire about her chair
  • Explosives (8): Realize there’s battery with a bomb beneath the seat.
  • Perception (8): This is a special option

You then have the option to either detonate or disarm the bomb. Alternatively you can also just leave it as it is.

After that talk with the Gift and you will get a Kiss Ass (8) conversation Vic. Convince the gift that she’s being manipulated in order to avoid a fight.

La Loca
Make your way to the freezer room and take out the Gas Hopper along the way. Enter the room and take out Gertrude the Gruesome, the Breather and the Crazer to rescue Ranger La Loca.

Leave the room and you if you have level 10 Lockpicking, you can enter the vault to collect the rare Gold Plated Hammer prototype, along with loot from different boxes there.

Violet Reed and Priscilla Reed
Leave the vault and you must deal with a few Breathers in the room nearby. The room has two guest suites that can be accessed if you have level 10 Lockpicking or if you take out the enemies here then you collect the keys.

The first suite has Violet and Priscilla Reed on pressure plates that are rigged to blow up a nearby bomb.

If you have Mechanics (8) then you can save both hostages who will then ask you to save their mother as well in Little Hell.

Ranger Rook
Enter the second Guest Suite room and free the ranger from the cage before applying first aid.

(Optional) Hostage Llewellyn
Head south outside of this room to save Llewellyn from inside a room and then apply Level 7 First Aid.

Rescuing Estin Ward Near the Pool
Go back past where you met The Gift and battle the 2 breathers you encounter in the pool.

Also, finish off the 2 crazers and single Nox-Bomber before collecting the Sauna Maintenance Key from their bodies.

Head to the sauna backroom to get some loot before making your way through the locked door. Use the computer to turn off the experiment and save Ward.

Confront Ash

Now that all the hostages have been saved, you can head back to Ash and confront him. Here you have the options of arresting him, attacking or freeing him. You can learn more about his plans if you have Level 8 Hardass.

You will get the key to the Patriarch Wing and end the mission.