Wasteland 3 Colorado Springs Walkthrough

This walkthrough will take you through the Colorado Springs area in Wasteland 3, going over all the quests and tasks you can pick up

After you work your way through the Ranger HQ, you’ll arrive at Wasteland 3’s first proper settlement, the Colorado Springs. The Wasteland 3 Colorado Springs settlement will then lead you to another area called the Garden of the Gods.

Wasteland 3 Colorado Springs

To help you out with completing all the tasks you need to do in Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through this level in W3 step by step.

Pillory Square

After completing Ranger HQ, walk down the footpath towards the south until you reach the Pillory Square.

You can then make your way to the Downtown Colorado Springs area from here.

When you arrive at Colorado Springs, you’ll meet a woman by the name of Emeline Pease. She’ll request you to find her son Austin.

Finding Austin will increase your reputation in the Wastelander Refugee faction.

Talk to the Magistrate and he’ll ask you to pay $200 (new options through Kiss Ass 4 or Barter 4).

Sheriff’s Office

There are a bunch of containers in this office containing some decent loot. You’ll get RPG/rocket launchers and armor mods from these. One of the containers will need Lockpicking 4 to be opened.

After looting the containers, talk to Lucia Wesson. She’ll tell you that her family has gone missing. Talk to Sheriff Daisy and she’ll tell you to take Lucia to the Garden of the Gods.

One thing you need to know about Lucia Wesson is that she has strong morals.

This means that killing random people (or doing anything mischievous in general) around her is not a good idea. She can even leave you if she’s too bothered by your antics.

Casady Store

Make your way to the Casady Store by traveling north. Help out the Casady couple by eliminating the pesky Dorseys present in their store.

If you don’t want to kill them, then Kiss Ass 4 will make them flee and Kiss Ass 5 will make Josiah Casady come into agreement with your decision.

If you have Lockpicking 5, unlock the container to get yourself an Ancient Love Letter.

Patriarch’s Museum

Head towards the east to get to the Patriarch’s Museum. On your way there, you’ll see a group of thieves.

Taking them out is not a problem as you can do it sneakily before they even get a chance to spot you.

Use Lockpicking 3 on the museum’s door to head inside. Start up the generator using Mechanics 3 and then activate the exhibits by interacting with the bald eagle.

Head to the supply room to grab a Brainwave Destabilizer laser weapon and some other loot.

Exit the supply room and then take a leak on the snow pile to turn it into Yellow Snow x5. This will give debuffs to hostiles.

Market Square

Travel to the market square by heading up north. Here, you’ll find a multitude of NPCs who’ll sell you all sorts of items. However, there’s a bomb adjacent to Taiwan Jones’ shop which needs to be defused.

To defuse it, Explosives 1 is required. If you don’t defuse this bomb now, you won’t be able to buy anything from these vendors again.


Outside the garage, you’ll come across Theodoric Curie. Look behind him to find a door that will take you to a clinic.

Inside this clinic, you’ll see Doc Parker. Speak to him and let him know that you’ll take care of the patients now.

After that, interact with the patients and you’ll figure out what medicines they need.

They need a med pack, injury kit and suture kit. Once you have these items, equip them on your quick slots and then click on the wounded patients.

One thing to note here is that Doc Parker can be recruited into Ranger HQ’s staff. He’ll bring Amber (the unconscious girl) to the med bay of the Ranger HQ.

The Arapho Garage will be in the next room. You’ll also find Jimmie Longhaul there, who’ll sell you a Tool Kit and a few Kodiak upgrades.

Now, travel to the gate up north and then make your way into the Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods

When you reach the Garden of the Gods, you’ll encounter Bellamy Ward, who’ll request you for some help.

Before you do anything flip the switch adjacent to one of the plants to uncover a chest and grab the loot.

There will be multiple Dorseys in the next clearing. If you have Hard Ass 4, you’ll be able to arrest them. After taking care of the Dorseys, talk to Bellamy again.

You’ll now have to open up the gate. You can do so by using the traps from the recess in the wall (Explosives 2) and the generator (Mechanics 2).

You need to get one character to stop on the wooden pressure plate and another character to restore power using the terminal, which will require Nerd Stuff 3.

You can get a Optilaser 9000 from the locker but it needs Cyborg Tech.

When you move on to the next area, you’ll encounter a great number of hostiles. There’s a secret path up the slope but you can only notice it If your Perception is at a high level.

As you move up there, you’ll find a pile of loot which includes Shrink Grenades and a Karen doll. The latter will give +1 Perception to your whole team.

When you get to the PAL computer after getting rid of the wastewolf mobs, completely max out the photon collection before activating it.

This will continuously burn the Dorseys as the battle continues.

Examine the pit and then head up the hill. Here, you’ll encounter Lucia’s boyfriend, Isaac Reed. In this situation, you have the choice to perform one of the following 4 actions:

  • Allow Lucia to shoot him: Doing this will cause the other teenagers to get angry and you’ll have to slaughter them all. The Hundred Families faction will not be very fond of this.
  • Let him leave: If you let Isaac go home, your reputation with the Hundred Families will be boosted.
  • Arrest him: You can arrest him and send him off to either the Ranger HQ’s brig or Sheriff Daisy’s jail.
  • Exile him: You can exile Isaac and let him suffer in the wilderness.

Whatever option you choose, it’ll complete the Garden of the Gods. You can now make your way to the Little Vegas Casino.