Wasteland 3 The Bizarre Walkthrough

The Bizarre is the stronghold of the Monster Army in Colorado and in this Wasteland 3 guide we will help you get through it

The Bizarre is the name of the stronghold for the Monster army, a faction in Wasteland 3, and in this Wasteland 3 The Bizarre walkthrough, we will try to explain how to get inside it and complete all objectives related to the area.

Wasteland 3 The Bizarre

The initially accessible area is the stronghold exterior, to get inside you need to either get The Bizarre entrance pass or have someone vouch for you.

The Bizarre Exterior

Considering you have the right skills; you can get the vouch thing down immediately.

What you need to do is follow Ananda, after first talking to him, to the Hopefuls’ area.

Here you need to look for Paris Handler if you help her in making red dye, needs Weird Science 6. Once done she will immediately vouch for you.

But on the stuff you can do outside:

  • Buy Brush (Animal Whisperer +1) and Monocle (Barter +1, Perception +2) from Ananda and utility items as well as the Fix It skill book (Toaster Repair +1) and three more outfits if the quest to save Bizarre residents was completed.
  • Speak to the Great Gurn to get Red Locker Key.
  • Find Six-Figured Larry as he will have a parrot that you can recruit as a companion by doing any of the following; Pay $200, use Barter 5, or Animal Whisperer 7.
  • Follow the sloping path uphill to find robots and near the bridge, you can find Maneater Maury Creepy Doll.
  • Crossing the bridge will lead to a confrontation with a smuggler, kill him and loot his corpse to fins a key to a nearby shed.
  • Open the shed to find refugees, they need someone to get them out and to safety, head back and ask Ananda. Don’t jump to the world map or you will miss the chance to complete the quest.
  • Go back to the slope path, enter the nearby building, kill the gang members, head in and soon you will enter the Dentist’s area with Doctor Smiles there. Fight and kill him. Loot the nearby Corpse that was the test subject for smiles for the Bizarre entrance pass and the doctor for the storage unit 109 key. A trapdoor nearby will lead to the warrens (another way into the Bizarre).
  • Hack the terminal (Nerd Stuff 4) to open the door. Watch out for traps. The Red Locker Key given by the Great Gurn can be used here to obtain the Crossboom weapon and some crossbow bolts.

Now we can head on inside the Bizarre. One way is through the main entrance if you are vouched for the other is through the warrens, by using the bizarre key pass.

The warrens are your main objectives following the Monster Army quest but if you want to explore or are pursuing the main quest to find a caravan master go through the main entrance.

The Interior

There is an explosive entrance sequence after which you can complete a number of activities around the stronghold:

  • Find out whether Long-John is synth or not.
  • Masato cooks noodles and will join Ranger HQ as a vendor if you find the Ramen Noodles quest item which can be found in a wending machine in the warrens.
  • Randy Gett who can be recruited as a mechanic for Ranger HQ if you complete his side quest, Gett Family Homestead.
  • Eidilon, who tasks you to find movie reels in the Monster Army Bunker.
  • Meet Quarex from Wasteland 2‘s Rail Nomads Camp, he will be managing a gaming museum with a bunch of unique collectibles. Quarex can join Ranger HQ to become Junko’s museum assistant.
  • Pareidolia Jones can also be found here. He asks for $300 in return for helping the refugees. Ananda asked for his help. One he agrees to your proposal, you can go back to Colorado Springs and speak with Gideon Reyes or Mama Cotter.

Finally, before you leave the area, you’ll want to speak with Flab the Inhaler, the leader of the Monster Army faction, and then head to the Warrens to complete the Monster Army Quest.

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