Wasteland 3 Sand in the Gastank Walkthrough

To help you out with completing Sand in the Gastank in Wasteland 3, we’ve prepared this walkthrough of all the objectives of this mission.

Sand in the Gastank is a primary mission in Wasteland 3 that you get during The Traitor mission. This walkthrough will cover complete details of how you will get this mission completed.

Wasteland 3 Sand in the Gastank

In The Traitor mission, Angela Deth guides you towards Yuma County so you can find and kill Liberty. When you get close to Yuma County you receive a call from a character, The Mechanic.

After having a little conversation with him once you reach Yuma County you get to meet him at his garage. This will mark the starting of the Sand in the Gastank mission in Wasteland 3. This mission’s primary objective is to Sow discord between the gangs around Yuma County.

This mission is basically turning every gang in Yuma County against each other so you can take advantage of that and take out Liberty easily.

For completing this mission you will be given two secondary missions in Wasteland 3. These missions are given below.

  • Gods and Clowns
  • Canary in the Coal Mine

Both of these missions are required for completing the Sand in the Gastank mission Wasteland 3.

Gods and Clowns

To complete this secondary mission you will be given three objectives. The details of all the objectives that you need to complete are given below.

This is basically a sub-quest in which you will need to talk to Godfisher and Payaso slaves in the Pen at Yuma County Speedway.

While talking to them if you pay the sum of $10 or press them they will ask you to head to the Windfarm Kite Shrine. They told you that you might find a way there to turn them against each other.

There you will find out that Godfishers are flying kite with a body that is covered in clown paint and Star-that-Dreams have killed the person who was messing with his wife.

This will take you toward the second objective of this quest. For completing this objective you can head to the Godfisher Windfarm and at the end of the racetrack.

From there you have to find your way up for recovering Cucaracha’s body from the kite. After that, you will need to figure out a way to inform about this to Payasos.

There you have two options you can either inform Risky Briskett at the Meat Clown or use the radio to inform Lecherito about what happened to Cucaracha.

By following any way you will start the war between the gangs and will eliminate the Payasos and Godfishers.

The second secondary quest you will need to complete in Sand in the Gastank is given below.

Canary in the Coal Mine

Below you will find all the objectives along with the details that you will need to know for completing this secondary mission.

Once you reach the slave pens close to the Liberty’s compound just close to the exit of Scar Collector mine you will find Whetstone.

Talk to him for learning that the Steel Trap who is the current leader is responsible for the disappearance of ironclad Cordite and Dee Sharp. This will take you to the second objective of this mission.

Dee Sharp is a beloved leader of Scar Collectors so he will ask you to follow the trails outside the Company store so you could find some more evidence.

While checking the destroyed pile of limbs you will find some bullets casings and old blood trails that will change your objective.

Now you have to follow the trail of blood and head north so you could find the entrance to the mine. Inside the mine, you will encounter some Scar Collectors and you will need to take out them first before you can get to Dee.

Once you get to the Dee you can free her along with other slaves and she will be ready to take control of the company again.

After that, you have to talk to her at the Scar Collector Mine and tell her that Company Store is run by Steel-Trap named Cutter Throat and if you get rid of her she can take charge of the base. For this, you just have to kill Cutter at the bar.

Once you have taken out Cutter, Dee will take charge of the Company Store and show her story to all Scar Collectors. Doing this will help her in starting a revolt against Steel-Trap that will leave Liberty without Scar Collector’s protection.

After completing this mission you can get back to The Traitor mission and complete it easily.