Wasteland 3 Sand in the Gastank Walkthrough

While playing through the primary mission “The Traitor” in Wasteland 3, you’ll get another optional primary mission called Sand in the Gastank.

Despite it being optional, it’s very important to complete this mission as it’ll make ‘The Traitor’ mission easier for you.

To help you out with completing Sand in the Gastank, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through all of the objectives of this mission.

Wasteland 3 Sand in the Gastank

During your playthrough of ‘The Traitor’ primary mission, Angela Deth will tell you to find Liberty Buchanan. She’ll be found in Yuma County, so you have some traveling to do.

As you get near Yuma County, a man called ‘The Mechanic’ will give you a radio call. When you arrive at Yuma County, you’ll encounter this man, who’ll be working in his garage.

This will be the start of the Sand in the Gastank mission.


  • Sow discord between the gangs around Yuma County.

The Mechanic advises you to instigate hostility among all the gangs around Yuma County. This will help you out later on in your mission to find Liberty.

The Sand in the Gastank will be split into two separate secondary missions:

  • Gods and Clowns
  • Canary in the Coal Mine

These missions are optional, meaning you don’t actually have to do them to be able to progress further in Wasteland 3.

However, you should definitely complete them as it’ll allow you to find Liberty much more easily.

Gods and Clowns Objectives

  • Talk to Payaso and Godfisher camp followers and slaves in the pen at Yuma County Speedway
  • Fight through the Godfisher Kite Shrine at the windfarm to find Cucaracha’s body.
  • Show Cucaracha’s body to Risky Briskett at Meat Clown near the base of the windfarm.

Canary in the Coal Mine Objectives

  • Talk to a Scar Collector slave in the pen, near Yuma County Speedway.
  • Check out the area near The Company Store at the Scar Collector Mine for evidence of trouble.
  • Follow the trail of dried blood toward the Scar Collector Mine.
  • Defeat the Scar Collectors inside their mine.
  • Talk to Dee Sharp in the Scar Collector Mine.
  • Talk to Dee Sharp in The Company Store near the Scar Collector Mine.

When you finish both of these secondary missions, you’ll have completed the Sand in the Gastank primary mission in Wasteland 3. You can now go back to completing The Traitor mission.