Wasteland 3 The Traitor Walkthrough

Our Wasteland 3 The Traitor walkthrough will take you through one of the last few primary missions of the game as you hunt for Liberty

The Traitor is a primary mission in Wasteland 3 that you get from The Patriarch. This walkthrough will cover all the steps that you will need to go through for completing The Traitor mission in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 The Traitor

The recommended level for this mission is 19. In this mission, you will be locating Liberty Buchanan who is the Patriarch’s daughter.

There are different steps that you will need to go through for getting and completing this mission in Wasteland 3 which are given below.

Discover the Whereabouts of Liberty Buchanan

This mission comes in the latter part of the game. The first step of getting this mission in Wasteland 3 is meeting with Patriarch. But you don’t get this mission right after that.

You have to make sure you have advanced further in the game and completed The Psycopath mission.

After that, you will need to figure out the whereabouts of Liberty Buchanan and for this, you will need some clues as she is disappeared. To get these clues you can move to the second objective of this mission.

Meet Angela Deth’s Agent at Ranger HQ

You will need to get all the way to the Ranger HQ to find Angela Deth’s agent so you can get some clues about Liberty’s whereabouts.

Inside the Ranger HQ, you will find Connie Zeng who is the agent of Angela Deth. During your meeting with the agent, you will get to know that Angela Deth is at The Hoon Homestead.

Defeat The Scar Collectors attacking Ranger HQ

During your meeting with the agent, you will be attacked by Scar Collectors.

Every friendly character and ranger at the HQ will help you in taking out these enemies. Once you have taken out all the Scar Collectors at the Ranger HQ you can move to the next objective.

Meet Angela Deth at The Hoon Homestead

Once you are done dealing with the Scar Collectors you will need to head all the way to the Hoon Homestead and talk to Angela in person. You will find her inside the Hoon family house. This area is close to Colorado Springs.

Once there you will get a dialogue option in which you can offer her meds for facial scarring. She will not accept it but still give you 5 Medic Packs in return.

You can continue the conversation with her to get more details and eventually more Scar Collectors will attack you.

You can take out these Scar Collectors along with Angela and her followers and once you have taken all of them out she will talk to you again. This time she will mention that Patriarch will need to die.

Once the conversation is over you will be given the following choices and you have to choose one from them.

  • Side with Angela Deth
  • Side with the Patriarch
  • Tell her that you expect her plan to fail
  • Side with Ranger Command and threaten to put her down

This time the choice you make didn’t really make any difference because in the end you will be given different choices which will decide which ending you are going to get.

Go to Yuma County and Capture or Kill Liberty Buchanan

Once you make a choice the next step is to go to Yuma County and kill Liberty Buchanan. Yuma County is in the southeastern area of the world map.

Since the eastern plains have the strongest radiation in Colorado. You will get a call over the radio from a man named The Mechanic as you get close to Yuma County.

After a conversation with him once you enter Yuma County you will get into a conversation with him in his garage.

This will start another mission in Wasteland 3 called Sand in the Gastank. In order to complete this mission, you will need to complete two secondary missions.

Regardless of whether you choose to complete the other mission or not you have to launch an assault on Liberty’s base.

In case you have completed the Sand in the Gastank mission you only encounter two groups of enemies here. You have to take out Dorseys and turrets there.

Once you have taken out the first group of enemies you have to move forward in the north direction. There you will encounter the second group of enemies. These will be defending the area where Liberty Buchanan is hiding.

First of all, take out these enemies and after that, you will need to collect the level 10 Lockpicking gate. If you don’t find one you can break it as well. Inside that area, you will find Liberty Buchanan.

Talk to her for a while and you will be given different choices to choose from. You can’t kill her before talking. You have to make a choice from the options given below.

  • Kiss Ass (10) – Convince her to let you become her new army. Having Lucia or Ironclad Cordite in your party will prevent this decision. This also gives a bad ending, finishing Wasteland 3.
  • Nerd Stuff (10) – Use your radio to hack her power armor and disable her drone control. Immediately begins a fight where you temporarily glitch both Liberty Warbots.
  • Hard Ass (10) – Convince her that the other gangs with turn on her, and her Dad is her only hope for mercy. – Skips the fight.
  • Try to put her in custody
  • Attack

In case you decided to attack her you have to take her health down to about 70% to finish the fight. She will surrender after that and you can decide whether you want to kill her or arrest her.

When you have made your choice and dealt with her you will see a door in the back that will need level 6 lockpicking to open. Here you will find Percival Wesson who is Lucia’s Dad. He was held here by Liberty Buchanan.

Loot that area and talk to Percival Wesson so you can get to the last objective of this mission which is to return to Colorado Springs.

Return to Colorado Springs

The last objective for completing the Traitor mission starts as you leave Yuma County and get a call from Angela Deth.

She will ask you about your answer about the Patriarch. You can either choose to side with Patriarch or Deth. Making a choice here will affect the ending of Wasteland 3.

In case you side with Patriarch, Angela will continue to work on her plan without you. This is the end of The Traitor mission in Wasteland 3

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