Wasteland 3 Yuma County Walkthrough

In this Wasteland 3 Yuma County walkthrough, we’ll talk about all the events that lead to your confrontation with Liberty...

In this Wasteland 3 Yuma County walkthrough, we’ll talk about all the events that lead to your confrontation with Liberty Buchanan and all the impacts each of your decisions will have on the storyline. You’ll also know the differences in storyline depending on the decisions you make.

Wasteland 3 Yuma County

To complete this mission, you’ll be required to take down Patriarch’s Daughter, Liberty Buchanan.

To do so head to the Yuma County towards the southeast corner of the map. Dominator Chassis will be required for the mission to protect you from radiation storms.

Taking Ironclad Cordite on this mission is up to you. However, taking him along will produce a different storyline.

Yuma County Speedway

Yuma County Speedway is the first area you will visit at this point in Wasteland 3 and you’ll come to know that the mechanic is Patriarch’s spy.

This is where you’ll have to make one last decision whether you want Cordite with you or not.

If you want Cordite with you, you eliminate the mechanic and find the SR2000 Argent sniper rifle and the garage key from his corpse.

Your other option is to eliminate Cordite, and this will result in the mechanic providing you high-end weaponry and Cyborg Tech accessories required for the mission.

He’ll also give you tips on how to defeat Liberty Buchanan.

Make sure you search through the garage thoroughly in either scenario to find chests and other interesting items.

Also, don’t forget to look for certain buried items in the demolition derby arena.

Challenging Steel-Trap

If Cordite is still alive, you can easily enter the base through the main gate. Once inside, head to the last building on the right to find Steel-Trap.

Entering the base would be difficult without Cordite. You’ll have to use the mechanic’s Slave Pens Key to enter from the side entrance.

Don’t go through the main entrance as it will trigger a fight and you don’t want that.

The rivalry between Steel-Trap and Cordite goes way back, and their history will provoke Cordite to challenge him to a duel, to which he’ll decline.

Therefore, you’ll have a choice to make: shooting the prisoner or having a character volunteer for the Suture-Self Surgery Kiosk.

For the latter option, let that volunteer be anyone but Cordite himself as this will grant you Cyborg Tech perk, and Cordite already has one.

Cordite will tell you that harming Steel-Trap is not the wisest option as he could be a threat to your team. Therefore, you’ll have to look for other options.

To explore that other option talk to Beta Master inside the Scar Collectors Building. You’ll come to know of a tape hidden in the mine which could be used against Steel-Trap.

This tape, however, won’t matter if you don’t have Cordite with you. You’ll have to go to the Scar Collector Mines after speaking with Whetstone.

Slave Pens

This is where you’ll find more dirt on Steel-Trap through the information Whetstone has to give you. He is a weapon vendor located near the entrance of the base.

He’ll give you information regarding Dee-Sharp being harshly treated by Steel-Trap. Steel-Trap has also lied to Scar Collectors about her death.

Keeping Cordite alive would be beneficial here as well.

To make the Godfishers leave, talk to Patsy and Not-Yet-Skinned. You’ll also have to speak with Haloed Moon. She is their leader’s wife.

Haloed Moon could be found in the Godfishers’ section of the base. Well, where else could she be?

Bison Encounters and Hangry the Clown  

Hangry the Clown requires your help in defeating bison mobs. After you’ve defeated them you can either let the slaves go or you can hand them over to Payasos.

The first option would eliminate any threat from Hangry the Clown by using Hard Ass 9 on him.

the path to the east leads to the Godfisher Windfarm, where you meet Haloed Moon. Whereas, the path to the west leads to the Scar Collector mines.

Scar Collectors Mine

Whether you have Cordite with you or you don’t it doesn’t matter, as under both scenarios you’ll have to fight Cutter-Throat in the Company Store.

You can also eliminate her from a distance to avoid any intense close battle.

A nearby safe will contain a Fusion Launcher. Stay on the path to defuse the mines as well as find certain buried items.

To have the higher ground while taking on the Scar Collectors and the turrets, open the gate at the end.

However, in case Cordite is no longer with you, you can find an addendum to the side quest by inspecting the blood on the ground.

Open up the doorway to enter into the control room. Powering-up and inspecting the terminal would spawn a friendly bot and you can have him follow you around.

There’ll be several other containers in the mine which contain certain Cassettes involving Russian Astronauts. A nearby generator will give you access to the control room.

Whatever you do make sure the terminal is safe as it could be hacked, giving you a way inside the station.

In the next section, you’ll have to fight the mobs. Dee Sharp will be in the final room, protected by some Scar Collectors and a Mecha Growler.

Avoid the use of explosives, or do it carefully since there is a fuel canister near Dee Sharp.

Don’t forget to pick up the loot before having a conversation with Dee Sharp and exiting the station. This is necessary only when you don’t have Cordite.

If you have Cordite, all that you need is a Betamax Tape located inside the airlock. Also, grab the exoskeleton Armor from the other container.

Godfisher Windfarm

If you have Cordite, you know you’re looking for Haloed Moon. You’ll find her near the ice cream truck.

After having a conversation with her, you’ll know she wants unused kite from the bone pit to sacrifice herself.

So far you won’t have any hostilities with Godfisher. Head to the bone pit towards the north. You’ll run into drools on the way so be prepared for that.

Unused Godfisher Kite could be found in the corner next to a shed in the bone pit. Go back and give it to Haloed Moon.

She’ll then sacrifice herself. This will result in Godfishers moving to Alaska, leaving all their belongings behind.

This is when you hit a jackpot. Search through their camp thoroughly and make sure you get all the loot that you can.

There will also be a crate in the far corner of the camp, but it will be surrounded by mines that you’ll have to defuse.

There will also be some other traps laid by Godfishers so proceed with caution.

If you don’t have Cordite with you, find the corpse of Cucaracha. You’ll find it at the end of the Godfisher camp, attached to a kite.

This time around you’ll be fighting with Godfishers.

Irrespective of if you have Cordite with you or not, you’ll encounter Risky Briskett in the ruined Diner.

You can deny the Clown Burger she offers you. tell them it tastes funny. Make sure to look inside the containers nearby.

What to do with Liberty Buchanan

It will be easy if you have Cordite. Since he’ll become the King Cordite after fighting Steel-Trap and you’ll be able to speak with Liberty Buchanan after Emogene Dorsey allows you in.

Any battles that precede your meetup with Liberty Buchanan, make the best use of your Kodiak.

However, if you don’t have Cordite with you, you’ll realize that everything is a mess when you return to Yuma County Speedway.

All of your enemies are at each other’s throats. Meanwhile, Liberty Buchanan will be protected by a handful of Dorseys.

Once you eliminate them, eliminate Emogene Dorsey as well.

Liberty Buchanan

Save the game before you have a dialogue with Liberty Buchanan. This dialogue won’t be a pleasant one. you’ll have several options here.

Hard Ass 10 will have her arrested immediately, but what’s the fun in that? Kiss Ass 10 will result in the squad becoming Liberty’s personal army.

This is only possible without Cordite, Lucia and Vic. This will result in an ending.

Finally, Nerd Stuff 10 will result in a battle. you can either have her arrested when her health is 50% or you can keep fighting her and put her to death.

Don’t forget to pick the loot afterward.

Once Liberty Buchanan is taken care of, and you have Cordite with you, he’ll help you with the upcoming conflict against Liberty Buchanan’s father, Patriarch.

Percival Wesson

This is a loose end that needs to be addressed at the end. Bring Lucia along, who will confront her father and you’ll have certain options of dealing with him.

If you exile him, he’ll leave Colorado for good. Or you can just forgive him and he’ll just go home.

Putting him on trial will make him await his trial. Lastly, you can execute him but Lucia won’t like it and she’ll have to be killed as well.

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