Wasteland 3 Endings Guide

In this Wasteland 3 Endings guide, we’ll explain all the possible endings you could have to the game, so you...

In this Wasteland 3 Endings guide, we’ll explain all the possible endings you could have to the game, so you could make the perfect decisions and achieve the ending you desire.

Wasteland 3 Endings

We’ve also mentioned all the epilogues so you don’t miss out on anything. It’s amazing how crazy and diverse things can get in the different Wasteland 3 endings.

“Oops” Ending

This indeed is an “Oops” ending, and unless you know what you’re doing you’ll never see this coming. Probably Wasteland 3’s best ending in our opinion.

You can have your “Oops” moment if you keep on fixing Morningstar in Union Station.

It will explode and that would pretty much be the end of your Wasteland 3 journey.

Chaos Ending

If you think taking down Patriarch will solve your problems, it won’t!

If you plan on killing Patriarch before taking down his daughter, the whole Colorado Springs will fall into chaos.

The city residents will hate you for this.

Liberty’s Army Ending

For this ending, you’ll have to confront Liberty Buchanan and offer her Rangers’ Team November by using Kiss Ass 10 option.

This ending is only possible without Vic, Lucia, and Ironclad Cordite.

With a stronger army, Liberty Buchanan would defeat her father and take him, prisoner. Whereabouts of Desert Rangers would remain unknown.


If you want a peaceful ending, you’ll have to fight or arrest Liberty Buchanan by using Nerd Stuff 10 or Hard Ass 10 respectively.

After you’re done with her, side with Patriarch.

This way, peace would prevail over Colorado Springs, Desert Rangers would receive their supplies and you’ll have a choice to stay or return to Arizona.

You also get to decide the fate of Angela Deth.

Angela Deth

You can obtain this ending in a similar way to “Patriarch Ending”.

The only difference is that before facing Liberty Buchanan you’ll have to rescue Ironclad Cordite in Wasteland 3 and complete his quest to unite the gangs in Yuma County.

And after you defeat Liberty Buchanan you’ll have to side with Angela Deth.

In this ending, you get to decide the fate of Patriarch. And even though you have an option of returning to Arizona, you’ll be able to rescue Desert Rangers only if you stay in Colorado.

Wasteland 3’s Epilogues

These epilogues will concern certain characters and companions you meet in your journey through Wasteland 3.

Marshal Kwon
If you side with Patriarch, Kwon will join your forces.

On the other hand, if you decide to side with Angela you will have to decide his fate. You can either have him imprisoned or executed.

In the latter scenario, you get to see his grave and be told that his grave was visited by a mysterious woman.

Lucia Wesson
It’s a matter of life and death for her, depending on which side you take.

She’ll live if you side with Patriarch, and die if you side with Angela.

Ironclad Cordite
He will end up leaving in both scenarios. However, he’ll only be a threat if you side with Patriarch.

If you side with Angela he’ll be off to become the ruler of Kansas.

Jodie Bell
Her parents’ farm will flourish if you side with Patriarch.

If you side with Angela and have the Desert Rangers move to Colorado, her parents’ farm would be destroyed by bandits.

Other than these prominent characters, Fishlips would go back to leading the Hard-Heads gang, and Pizepi Joren will remain loyal to the Rangers.

Scotchmo, however, will still be drunk somewhere.

Victory Buchanan would be fed Clown Burger and killed as he attempts to conquer Colorado.

Finally, Morningstar will be off to explore America.

Factions and Locations
The following Colorado factions and the choices you made regarding them will also impact certain epilogue outcomes in Wasteland 3.

  • The Gippers/Denver– if the Gippers are still alive, Oil will keep flowing to Colorado Springs.
  • Monster Army/The Bizarre– whether Flab the Inhaler holds on to power or not depends on your decision.
  • Wastelander Refugees– they won’t trouble Rangers in any way possible.
  • The Gift/The Breathers – Given that they are alive, they’ll leave Colorado to explore the mountains.
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