Wasteland 3 Factions Guide

Factions in Wasteland 3 will be the key to saving the future so choose which ones to side with with the help of this guide

This Wasteland 3 Factions guide includes information about the factions that are present in post-apocalyptic wilds of Colorado in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 Factions

Factions in W3, are groups of people that have similar beliefs. These factions differ from each other with unique interests and plans for Colorado’s future.

Players can interact with NPCs belonging to different factions, take part in quests and align with the ones they want.

The Brygo Syndicate
You’ll know these boys from the mission Big Trouble in Little Vegas having obtained Delgado from the Brygo syndicate.

Desert Rangers
These rangers from Colorado constitute ex mercenaries, idealists, people who’re always on the move and more.

Their home turf is in Colorado Springs. These will be most of the people located east of the Rockies.

Hundred Families
The Hundred Families is also a faction whose home turf is Colorado Springs. Most of the people who belong to this faction will be determined to rebuild America.

They are descendants from the families that founded the Patriarch’s nations.

Monster Army
The Monster Army faction ruled over Colorado around half a century ago. The people belonging to this faction have aged and all they really possess is their home turf, The Bizarre.

Wastelander Refugees
The Wastelander Refugees have Displaced as their home turf. Many of them have moved to Colorado Springs and other towns because of the danger that the outsides encompass.

They’re basically hardworking people who reside in the outskirts of the Patriarch’s nation.

The Gippers
This faction has a lot of weaponry within their grasp and they’re also responsible for producing and refining the oil in Colorado.

They also believe that their God-President, Ronald Reagan, will make America the shining city on the hill that it once was. They kill communists and they also think everyone is a communist.

Patriarch’s Marshals
Where there are people, there’s law. The law is enforced by Partriarch’s Marshals, a paramilitary force, in Colorado Springs.

They’re said to be police, but they’re more like a private army for the Patriarch. The Patriarch’s Marshals are led by Sheriff Daisy.

The Native American Arapaho stuck together after the apocalypse and fought against the world to make their society firm and strong.

Through unity, they provide a strong life to all those that live within their suburbs.

The Machine Commune
Machines are looked down upon after the apocalypse by a number of people.

That hasn’t stopped them from forming a community of robots and artificial intelligence at the Denver airport to help lost machines just like them.


The Dorseys
The Dorseys were banished by the Saul Buchanan and are a fallen house of the Hundred Families. Nelius Dorsey tried to strengthen what was left of his family, which gave us the Dorseys; a gang of hunters and raiders.

The Payasos
The Payasos originally belonged to the town of Arriba in Colorado. They are killers that enjoy the disorder of the apocalypse.

The Scar Collectors
The Scar Collectors are slavers who tamper with their own body to make themselves even deadlier.

The Godfishers
Godfishers choose to cover their bodies with blue tattoos, and sacrifice prisoners on kites to their Gods. What they don’t sacrifice, they wear on their bodies.

The Faders
The Faders are super-soldiers, grown under the Cheyenne Mountain. They are trained to kill. These soldiers are not named, and only given designations and numbers.

Faders intend to help humanity evolve in order to survive in the post-apocalyptic Colorado. They will preserve and harvest promising gene-lines to give themselves more and more advantages.

Steeltown, or otherwise known as the Arcology, is where Markam makes most of his equipment. It’s a mystery factory where Markham makes his stuff and supplies it to those who need it.

The Breathers
The Breathers are but innocent citizens of Colorado who are addicted to a hallucinogenic gas that Victory Bucchanan uses to control them

It will be your decision to decide which faction will you side with as you shape the politics and future of Colorado.

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