Wasteland 3 Companions and Rangers Guide

This Wasteland 3 Companions Guide will give you a rundown of all the recruitable companions you can find in wasteland of Colorado.

In this Wasteland 3 Companions guide, we will introduce you to the many companions and Rangers you can recruit on to your squad. We will give you detailed information on the stats, skills, and locations of these companions.

Wasteland 3 Companions and Rangers

We will be discussing the concept of rangers and companions in Wasteland 3, the mechanics of this whole party members system, and how you can recruit companions and rangers in your party. Let’s get started:


You can add Ranger recruits to your squad or party by talking to Sergei Greatski, whom you will find in Colorado Springs.

Moreover, you can go to Ranger HQ to recruit these special types of Companions.

When you see the list of available rangers, you will come to know that they already have starting skills and gears defined for them.

In case you want to customize your rangers with a specific set of skills then head over to character creation and make a ranger of your liking.

Let’s take a look at all the available rangers in Wasteland 3 and their stats:

Name Skills Constitution Stats (In Attribute Points)
Axile (Mechanic) Mechanics, Small Arms, Weapon Modding 74 Coordination: 3 Luck: 2 Awareness: 5 Strength: 3 Speed: 5 Intelligence: 2 Charisma: 1 Quirk: None Background: Technician
Banshee (Sniper) Sniper Rifles, Small Arms, Sneaky Shit 69 Coordination: 4 Luck:2 Awareness: 4 Strength: 2 Speed:3 Intelligence: 4 Charisma: 2 Quirk: No Quirk Background: Desert Cat
Bison Bill (Survivalist) Survival, Sniper Rifles, First Aid 72 Coordination: 3 Luck:5 Awareness:3 Strength:2 Speed:4 Intelligence:3 Charisma:1 Quirk: None Background: Farmer
Blackeye Betty (Brawler) Brawling, Survival, Hard Ass 107 Coordination:3 Luck:2 Awareness:2 Strength:6 Speed:5 Intelligence:2 Charisma:1 Quirk: none Background: Bouncer
  Butterfly (Infiltrator) Melee Combat, Lock picking, Sneaky Shit 69 Coordination:2 Luck:2 Awareness:5 Strength:2 Speed:5 Intelligence:4 Charisma:1 Quirk: None Background: Thief
Crash (Hacker)   Nerd Stuff, Sneaky Shit, Automatic Weapon 69 Coordination: 2 Luck:4 Awareness:3 Strength:2 Speed:5 Intelligence:4 Charisma:1 Quirk: none Background: Hacker
Danny Smiles (Trader)   Barter. Small Arms, Hard Ass 55 Coordination:2 Luck:5 Awareness:2 Strength:1 Speed:3 Intelligence:3 Charisma:5 Quirk: none Background: Con Artist
Devlin (Modder)   Automatic Weapons, Armor Modding, Weapon Modding 69 Coordination:3 Luck:2 Awareness:5 Strength:2 Speed:4 Intelligence:3 Charisma:2 Quirk: none Background: Nomad
Doc Nails (Combat Medic)   Big Guns, First Aid, Explosives 88 Coordination:3 Luck:1 Awareness:4 Strength:4 Speed:4 Intelligence:4 Charisma:2 Quirk: None Background: Raider Hater
Ice (Sniper)   Sniper Rifles, Sneaky Shit, Weapons Modding 69 Coordination: 4 Luck: 1 Awareness: 5 Strength:2 Speed:4 Intelligence:4 Charisma:1 Quirk: None Background: Scout
Preacher (Trooper)   Automatic Weapons, Explosives, Leadership 74 Coordination:4 Luck:1 Awareness:4 Strength:3 Speed:3 Intelligence:2 Charisma:4 Quirk: none Background: Evangelical
Professor Higgs (Inventor)   Small Arms, Toaster Repair, Weird Science 55 Coordination:2 Luck:3 Awareness:2 Strength:1 Speed:4 Intelligence:6 Charisma:3 Quirk: None Background: Academic
Sasquatch (Enforcer)   Survival, Melee Combat, Mechanics 107 Coordination: 4 Luck:2 Awareness: 2 Strength: 6 Speed:4 Intelligence: 2 Charisma: 1 Quirk: none Background: Drifter
Shellshock (Trooper)   Automatic Weapons. Armor Modding, Leadership 74 Coordination: 3 Luck:2 Awareness:4 Strength:3 Speed:3 Intelligence:2 Charisma:4 Quirk: none Background: Vicious Avenger
Thunder (Explosives Expert)   Explosives, Big Guns, Armor Modding 77 Coordination:4 Luck:2 Awareness:2 Strength:5 Speed:4 Intelligence:2 Charisma:2 Quirk: None Background: Miner
Wolf (Commander)   Kiss Ass, Automatic Weapon, Barter 74 Coordination: 3 Luck:1 Awareness: 4 Strength: 3 Speed: 3 Intelligence:2 Charisma: 5 Quirk: None Background: Mercenary
Zeus (Modder) Big Guns, Mechanics, Nerd Stuff 88 Coordination:2 Luck:2 Awareness:3 Strength:4 Speed:5 Intelligence:4 Charisma:1 Quirk: None Background: Gearhead



Companions in Wasteland 3 are another type of recruitable characters.

You are allowed to keep two Companions in your squad other than 4 Rangers at a time.

In this section we will take a look at the stats of all these companions available in the game and where you will encounter them:

Marshall Kwon

Class: Lawkeeper (L4)

Starting Weapon: Assault Rifle

Skills: Automatic Weapons 5, Sneaky Shit 3, Kiss Ass 3

Location: Ranger HQ

Once you have acquired Ranger HQ you would be able to recruit companions and Marshall Kwon would be the first recruit presented to you.

This character will have Assault Rifles in the beginning along with Sneaky Shit and Kiss Ass Skills.

Be careful as to not do any morally bad stuff around Marshall as he will leave if you do.

Lucia Wesson

Class: Gunslinger (L4)

Starting Weapon: Revolver

Skills: Small Arms 5, Weapons Modding 3, Barter 2, Survival 2

Location: Colorado Springs

Go to Colorado Springs and you will find her in the Sheriff’s office because her family is missing. You have to take her to the Garden of Gods to inquire about them.

You will need to increase her level a little to get some really good use out of her. She will also leave if you commit immoral acts.

Jodie Bell

Class: Driver (L6)

Starting Weapon: Sniper Rifle

Skills: Sniper Rifle 5, Mechanics 4, Animal Whisper 3, First Aid 3

Location:  Ranger HQ

When you get to the Ambush Site level, you will see Jodie Bell being held at gunpoint. Rescue her and give her first aid to save her and if you have complete the Garden of Gods’ quest then you can recruit her.

Customize her a little so that she and the custom ranger sniper don’t end up with the same skills.


Class: Hobo (L8)

Starting Weapon: Shotgun

Skills: Small Arms 7, Lockpicking 4, Sneaky Shit 4, Melee Combat 2

Location: Ranger HQ

After being done with the refugee problem in the Bizarre, head over to the mess in Ranger HQ and you will find Scotchmo. You can also find him at Union Station.

His stats are not that good if you have upgraded other characters.

Ironclad Cordite

Class: Warlord (L12)

Starting Weapon: No items

Skills: Brawling 9, Leadership 5, Explosives 4, Mechanics 4

Location: Old Survivalist Bunker

This companion can prove very valuable because of his shotgun-arm, he is like the cyborg in this game, and coincidentally the perk you need for this companion to get all the benefits is also called Cyborg Tech.

Go to Broadmoor Heights and into the Survivalist Bunker and you will find him. His location will be revealed when you are done with the refugee quest in the Bizarre.

He can be very beneficial and can affect your main campaign a lot.


Class: Scrapper (L12)

Starting Weapon: Bladed Weapon

Skills: Melee Combat 8, Armor Modding 7, Toaster Repair 4

Location: Union Station

To recruit him, you will need to beat him up when he is ransacking Union Station along with his gang. If you succeed, he will submit to you.

But if you take my advice, it would be better if you go with Ironclad Cordite instead of Fishlips. He is just a far better choice.

Vic Buchanan

Class: Psychopath (L21)

Starting Weapon: Pistol

Skills: Small Arms 10, Big Guns 8, Hard Ass 7

Location:  Aspen/Little Hell

This recruit doesn’t look that good on paper as he is a bit insane.

He has possibly committed genocide in Aspen but when you meet him, he’ll ask to join your join and you have the option to accept.

You can recruit him if you want but we’ll advise against it.

Pizepi Joren


Class: Researcher (L21)

Starting Weapon: SMG (Energy)

Skills: Automatic Weapons 10, Nerd Stuff 7, Weird Science 7, First Aid 2

Location: Aspen/Little Hell

She also hails from Wasteland 2 and you can recruit her into your team when you get to Aspen or Little Hell. She is a member of the Desert Rangers.

Her focus is on tech stuff and she has decent skills. If you don’t have any other tech-focused rangers in your team then you should get her.


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