Wasteland 3 Cinema Verite Walkthrough

The Bizarre in Wasteland 3 is filled with numerous side quests. One such side quest has you searching for some...

The Bizarre in Wasteland 3 is filled with numerous side quests. One such side quest has you searching for some film reels and in this Wasteland 3 Cinema Verite walkthrough, we will show you how to find them.

Wasteland 3 Cinema Verite

After you discover ‘The Bizarre’ during your search for the source of the refugee problem, you’ll find various sidequests to keep you company while you’re there.

One specific sidequest is obtained from Eidilon who runs an adult entertainment establishment in The Bizarre. She needs your help to find some movie reels.

Unfortunately, the said movie reels can only be found in a place known as the Monster Army Bunker. Oh boy, that can’t be good. It can be found south of the Bizarre.

Begin by hacking the computers using Nerd Stuff (4) or simply unlock the doors using Lockpicking (8).

Afterward, you will be in a room with a few bots roaming about. Take ‘em all out and open the toaster with Toaster Repair (5) to discover a lore book.

The central control room has a terminal that can be accessed using Nerd Stuff (5). Next, locate the switches in different rooms to disable the laser defense systems in the bunker.

Two can be found in the central control room and the section next to it. The small red room has a safe that can be unlocked using Lockpicking (7), along with a switch.

The final switch can be found in the basement where you’ll run into more enemies along with a Wolf’s Mask cassette.

Once you’ve activated all the switches, all the lasers will be deactivated. Enter the theater and you’ll find a shockdog along with two drill dogs.

Kill them all and gather up what loot you can (Lethal Lance creepy doll, Alloy Vehicle Plating Kodiak upgrade, and Movie Reels quest item).

Give the reel to Eidilon and you’ll also be able to select the type of ‘movie’ you want her to produce. If you have Marshal Kwon on your party, he can even star in one of the movies.

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