Total War Warhammer 3 Best Factions Tier List

Here, we have provided players with a ranking of the factions in Total War Warhammer 3 in our Faction Tier List.

Total War Warhammer 3 has tons of unique playable races and factions who each bring their own brand of strategic gameplay to the battlefield; However, some are stronger than others. Here, we have provided players with a ranking of the factions in Total War Warhammer 3 in our Faction Tier List.

Total War Warhammer 3 Best Factions Tier List

While all the Factions in Total War Warhammer 3 are strong and viable, some have a clear advantage over others, and this is shown in our Tier List.

Do note that the factions have different matchups against each other and while they may be strong individually, they may fare differently against a certain other faction.

Our Faction Tier List is as follows:

Faction Tier Faction Name
S Khorne, Legion of Chaos
A Ogre Kingdoms, Nurgle
B Kislev, Slaanesh
C Tzeentch, Cathay

 S Tier Factions


The Khorne are a melee-based faction and even though this faction lacks any of the fancy missiles and spells, the faction still towers above the rest.

Khorne has traded everything for strength, and this strength helps Khorne dish out the highest damage values in the game. Khorne faction is the most brutal and blood lusty faction in Total War: Warhammer 3.

As you go on kill streak with Khorne, you can charge up your extra special abilities that further tip the balance in your favor. Khorne grants you access to the strongest destructive powers that boost your damage and use explosions that can be enough to wipe out entire enemy battalions.

Legion of Chaos

Legion of Chaos is our second pick for the best faction in Total War: Warhammer 3. The biggest strength of this faction rests with the fact that you can recruit units from all the other factions in the game, meaning you can make your ultimate army that excels in all methods of war, instead of being stuck with a single style of playing.

And since you can build your army any way you like, you can adapt for any situation that you may come across. You can counter any strategy your enemy employs and retaliate with a counterattack of your own in any way you see fit.

An additional perk, which may not have any major impact on your battles, is that you can customize the main hero for Legion of Chaos anyway you like, including body parts rather than just armor and weapons.

A Tier Factions

Ogre Kingdoms

Ogres have always been presented as strong, ruthless brutes who will crush anything that stands between their targets. This is exactly what Ogres are in Total War: Warhammer 3. With this faction you gain control over huge giant beasts that will eradicate everything in their path.

The faction can recruit many beasts and monsters in the army, which allows your army to be extremely strong even against defensive units and structures. These monsters will not halt their advance under any circumstance.

The only weakness Ogres have are their infantry units. Ogre Kingdoms’ infantry, Gnoblars, are too weak to be a threat to anything in small numbers. They do make themselves useful in large numbers where they can overwhelm the enemy, but this makes the start of the game extremely frustrating when using Ogre Kingdom faction.


The faction specializes in poison. The faction can inflict poison that not only deals damage over time, but also slows down and weakens the enemy, making them more vulnerable to your attacks.

This means that you don’t have to be extremely active to actually clear out your enemy army. You can inflict poison and then take defensive stances, letting the poison kill all your enemies for you. You can, hence, succeed with Nurgle even with low numbers as all you need to do is survive until the enemies have all perished.

The biggest drawback that Nurgle faction has is their speed. The faction is slow, and they lack any ranged units, so they have to start the attack once they get close to the enemy ranks. Your enemies can regroup quickly, so you must always strategize your attacks.

B Tier Factions


Kislev is a well-balanced faction. This is the central faction of Total War: Warhammer 3’s story where they are struggling to liberate Ursun. Thus, they do appear as the obvious choice for you to pick.

The faction boosts adaptive and hybrid units with a huge variety of melee, missile and magic attacks in their arsenal. This makes Kislev the Jack of All Trades, but Master of Non. Kislev are extremely vulnerable to all the specialized factions in the game.

Kislev faction also has to focus on diplomacy to stabilize their relations until you are strong enough to actually take your neighbors down, otherwise you will have a hard time fighting your rivals.


Slaanesh is somewhat similar to Khorne faction. Their units are specialized for extremely fast attacks that can shred apart enemies in a matter of seconds.

But this is all to be said for their strength. Slaanesh, though fearsome, are weak. They have weak armor and low health. Your units will fall much more easily in the battle, and you will find yourself helpless if you are not careful. You not only need high numbers but also need to employ perfect tactics to keep your units as safe as possible.

The faction’s units work extremely well in Legion of Chaos, when backed up by stronger units who can help keep them alive by distracting enemy fire towards themselves.

C Tier Factions


The pure magic casting faction, Tzeetch grants you command over powerful spellcasters in Total War: Warhammer 3. The factions boast long range powerful missiles and flying units. The wizards of Tzeentch can cast spells that increase the defense and damage of their infantry units as well.

However, since they are mostly dependent on magic, Tzeentch come with almost no armor and very low health. Even though the game encourages you to buff your infantry to defend the ranks of wizards, the faction has the weakest infantry in the game, and all the buffs in the world can’t help keep them alive long enough for you to actually make any powerful impact in the battle.

With this, you need to set up magic traps while attacks and defending, the class requires a lot of quick and strategic thinking to use. This not only makes the faction difficult to use, but also least effective in battle.


The second human faction in the game, Cathay allows you to deploy a infantry, missile, spellcasting, cavalry and even flying units riding dragons. Seems fun. The units in Cathay are also linked by the Harmony traits. They have Yin and Yang units, and when a Yin unit is fighting alongside a Yang unit, they have great harmony and boosts their stats to make them stronger.

This does seem excellent for boosting your strength in the fight, but Harmony does not exist if times of war. In war, it’s never such that you lose equal number of Yin and Yang units. As your units begin to die, the harmony starts to break up and the true weakness of your units expose itself.

The only way you can win with this faction is with superb strategy or if you manage to finish the fight without taking too many casualties. Otherwise, things are just going to go south for you in the battle.

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