Total War Warhammer 3 Kislev Guide

This guide provides an in-depth look at the Kislev race in Total War Warhammer 3, talking about units and tips for winning.

In Total War Warhammer 3, there are several different races that you can play as. One of the playable races is Kislev, featuring many units of hybrid nature. Kislev also is home to a few of the best archers in the game. In this guide, we have provided an in-depth look at the Kislev race in Total War Warhammer 3.

Total War Warhammer 3 Kislev Race Unique Gameplay Mechanics

The Kislev faction has a distinctive resource called ‘Devotion.’ devotion can be gained by fighting and winner fights and battles against different Chaos armies. However, if you capture Chaos Prisoners during the war and then kill them, you will gain more devotion than defeating the Chaos army in a battle.

Devotion can also be gained by constructing buildings and making decisions. Devotion is required to perform one of the rituals to receive a deity of the Motherland. There are four deities in total, which we have explained below.

  • Salyak: Increases growth and replenishment.
  • Dazh: Income from buildings and trading gets increased.
  • Ursun: Provides Attrition
  • Tor: Increase damage potential.

Supporters is another unique resource required by the Ice Court and Great Orthodoxy. The more supporters you have, the more the chance of smaller Kislevite factions uniting with you. Atamans are unique lords in Kislev race who earn different traits instead of XP. For every 2 provinces under your control, you can recruit 1 Ataman.

To unlock technologies, you will need to control one of the great cities present in Kislev, which are Kislev City, Erengrad, and Praag.

Kislev Race Units

The Kislev race has a good mix of melee, ranged, and magic units in its roster. We have listed all the different characters available in the Kislev race.


Boyar is a standard lord who is a melee specialist. His strengths lie in anti-infantry combat, as he has good armor. If his health gets below 50%, he also gains additional melee defense.

Ice Witch and Ice Tempest

Ice Witch and Ice Tempest are also standard lords who are Spellcasters. Ice Witch casts ‘Lore of Ice’, and Ice Tempest casts ‘Lore of Tempest’. Both of them have bear mounts which provides them great mobility in combat.


Patriarch is a hero who specializes in support during combat. He has the ability to provide healing to other members of the roster during combat which makes him really useful on the battlefield.

Frost Ice Maiden and Frost Tempest Maiden

Similar to the Ice Witch and Ice Tempest, these heroes use the same spells as their Lord counterparts but do less damage compared to them.

Tzar Guards

Tzar Guards are part of the Sword Infantry Units and use swords to do melee damage. Tzar Guards can also use Great Weapons after reaching a specific level.


Kossars are part of the Bow and Axe and  Bow and Spears units, and they are capable of dealing ranged damage to enemies. However, they are also quite decent in melee combat, which makes them a hybrid unit.

Armored Kossars

Armored Kossars are mid-level units that are also hybrid in their combat style. They are much tougher than the simple Kossars and have better defense because of their armor. Armored Kossars either use Maces or Axes along with their ranged weapons.

Ice Guards

Ice Guards are the upper-class units of the infantry. They are really powerful from range and can also easily deal with low-mid tier enemies with melee. They have two different variants as well. One of them uses Glaive, while the other one uses Swords.


Streltsi utilize a weapon combo of axe and rifle. Though the combo has its flashes, it is not that practical in many situations.

Cavalry Units

The Cavalry Units consist of Kossovite Dervishes, Winged Lancers, Gryphon Legion, and War Bear Riders. Except for Horse Archers, all the other units do melee damage. These units are good to harass weaker opponents early on in the game.

Little Grom

Little Grom is the ranged artillery unit of the Kislev roster, and it is a cannon mounted on the back of 2 polar bears. It is really useful to fire at enemy structures to damage their infrastructure.

Kislev Legendary Lords

Legendary Lords are the strongest characters of a race, and the Kislev Race roster consists of 3 Legendary Lords. We have listed them below:

Tzarina Katarin

Tzarina Katarin is the Spellcaster Legendary Lord, and she uses the ‘Lore of Ice’ spell. She is capable of providing leadership buffs and support to the frontlines. The best way to utilize her is to send a support squad with her to let her use her magic without any interference.

Boris Ursus

Boris Ursus is the Melee specialist Legendary Lord of Kislev race. He can take on elite enemies easily. He has a special mount bear as well, which allows him to be mobile on the battlefield. Being a Legendary Lord, Boris Ursus also has many active and passive skills in his Arsenal.


Kostaltyn is the support Legendary Lord who has access to all three prayers simultaneously, while normal heroes can only have 1 prayer. The three prayers provide access to AOE healing, vigor regeneration, and melee attack getting buffed. This allows him to support the other troops greatly.

Kislev Race Tips

The following tactics are viable for battles using the Kislev Race.

Use the Bears

While engaging in battles, make sure that you use Bear cavalry and sleds at the frontline as it will help you move your Spellcasters around the battlefield. Spellcasters are the ones with the highest damage in the infantry.

However, they do not have a good defense and are vulnerable to dying easily. So, make sure that you use the bear cave and mounts to navigate around the fights easily and safely.

Make the Enemy Push You

The greatest strength of the Kislev units is to entrap the enemy once they are close. So try your best to take the enemy’s ranged attackers down so that they will be forced to come close. Once the enemies move in closer, use different Ice spells to slow them down and then start raining different attacks to weaken and kill them.

Tanks at the Front

Make sure to use the infantry units with the highest defense and HP at the front of the pack. They will act as the first line of defense in the battle, and the longer they can survive, the better your roster will be.

Legendary Lords

The Legendary Lords should be utilized carefully in the battle and make sure that they are available to fight the Elite enemies of the opposing side.

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