How To Increase Literacy In Victoria 3

The literacy rate is crucial as it determines the number of people who can read or write in your country....

The literacy rate is crucial as it determines the number of people who can read or write in your country. In Victoria 3, you need to develop reforms to promote education in your country and help the country advance globally.

Many jobs and professions require a high literacy rate. A low literacy rate also impacts your technological advancement in the world by reducing your pace of innovation.

In this guide, we will provide information on different professions to show the relationship between the type of jobs and literacy rate.

Additionally, it is crucial to understand how you can improve the literacy rate to become a stronger nation by producing advanced technological items. Your progress can increase many-fold as a nation if you obtain a perfect literacy rate.

If most of your nation’s labor force indulges in peasants and labor work, your literacy rate would be low, as these jobs require no literacy. However, if you see the people working in Government Buildings, such as Aristocrats, Clergymen, and Clerks, they need a higher literacy level.

This point makes it clear to run governmental affairs at a higher level. A higher literacy rate is critical. So let us understand the ways to increase the literacy rate.

How to increase your country’s literacy rate in Victoria 3

The primary aspect that affects the literacy rate is your education level. If you improve your education investment and develop the institutions such as universities, your nation’s literacy rate will start improving.

To improve education access, you must put in levels in the educational institution. With the increase in levels, the literacy rate will rise over time.

You can access the educational institutions by going to the Politics icon. There you will find a tab stating ‘Institutions.’ You need to click on the tab to get the stats of your nation’s education level.

You must start putting points in your educational institutions. Initially, you have to pass the Education System Law. You can select any given school’s options: Religious, Private, or Public, to activate the law and start boosting your literacy rate. Moreover, try to emphasize Public schools more as they grow the literacy rate compared to other schools.

How to reach 100% literacy rate in Victoria 3

You can achieve a 100-percent literacy rate for your country in the game. That will only be possible once your Educational institution reaches level 5. However, the entire process involved is fairly complex.

Firstly, you need to gather a lot of Bureaucracy, which is the price you pay for obtaining levels of education. Moreover, you also need to unlock some technologies from your society’s Technology Tree.

Rationalism, Empiricism, and Dialectics are such technologies that will provide you with an opportunity to put points in each of them and reach level 3 in your educational institutions.

However, to further increase the institution level, you need to unlock the Human Rights technologies from the society tree. This technology will help you pass children’s rights laws essential for further improvement in the literacy rate.

You need to move to the Law tab present on the Politics screen and the law group showing Children’s Rights. You must pass two laws: Restricted Child Labour and Compulsory Primary Education.

The passing of these laws will boost your education level to 5 points. It simply means at five levels, every human in the future will be literate, and your nation will lead the development of advanced technologies.

Literacy cheat command

There are some basic cheat commands that can be used to increase literacy directly or indirectly. Building more institutions and fast hiring and increasing bureaucracy aid in increasing literacy.

Cheat CodeFunction
fasthireEnables fast hire mode
fastinstitutionsEnables fast institution mode
fastbuildEnables fast build mode and helps in increasing bureaucracy
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