CoD Vanguard: How to Get All Cypher Wheel Parts in Shi no Numa

Solve the mythic cypher wheel code for a reward in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Shi no Numa finally received a main easter egg with the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard. It involves several steps, including finding all the Cypher Wheel Parts in Shi no Numa.

These parts are vital to building the Cypher Wheel, which allows you to perform a ceremony and get the Echo – a crucial part of the easter egg. This structure is split into three different parts. Don’t scratch your head over it and let us not only tell you where you can find them, but also how to solve the cipher.

All Cypher Wheel Locations in Shi no Numa

The Cypher Wheel is a Monolith in the middle of the swamp at the Doctor’s Quarters. This is the southwestern region of the map. If you take a look at this Monolith, you will find it covered with vines.

Our first step to building the Cypher Wheel will be to remove these vines from the Monolith. The only way to do that is to use Boom Schreiers. You need to lure them close to the Monolith and make them explode. This is a tricky step since the swamp makes it difficult to move. If you’re having trouble, consider activating the Zipline to make things easier.


You will need to explode three Boom Schreiers to get rid of the vines from the Monolith. These zombies spawn after round 5.

After you have cleaned up the Monolith, it’s time to find the Cypher Wheel Parts and place them onto the Monolith. There are three different Cypher Wheel Parts that look like circular dials and are scattered across the map, denoted by their red outline. Their locations are listed below:

In the Dormitory (central building) – on a table by the bed

In the Dig Site – on a table in front of the Pack-a-Punch machine

In the Doctor’s Quarters – on a table at the back of the shack

After collecting all the Monolith parts, place them into the Cypher Wheel in the Doctor’s Quarters. Once the Monolith is complete, you can begin your next step to solve the Cypher in CoD: Vanguard by looking for the symbols on the Monolith.

How to Solve the Cypher Wheel Code in Shi no Numa

To solve the Cypher, you need to enter the correct Cypher code into the Monolith. If you look closely, you will be able to see different symbols on the dial. These symbols need to be put in order, but finding what order it is is the tricky part.

First, you have to craft an incendiary like a Molotov or a Thermite. Then, head to the Doctor’s Quarters and look for a page sitting on the table. This page will have Japanese Kanji Symbols and their translations resembling the symbols on the Monolith right next to them.

At first, you will only be able to see half the page – that’s where you need the incendiary. Throw the incendiary at the page and the rest of the symbols will be revealed. There will be 15 of these in total – 15 Kanji Symbols and their translations. It would be easier to solve the cipher if you numbered these from the left to the right.

With the full page now revealed, it is time to find the symbols in your game. The symbols and their translations on this page will always be the same, but the three symbols you need to find will always be randomized and specific to your game.

The locations of these three symbols are as follows:

In the Excavation Room (central building) – under a book on the table (shoot the book)

In the Comms Room – resting on a table at the back

At the Dig Site – attached to the Crafting Table next to the PaP

The symbols that you just found were the Kanji symbols. You must refer to the translations from the piece of paper back in the Doctor’s Quarters to solve the cipher. Remember that you won’t have to enter the Kanji symbols into the Monolith, but their translations from the piece of paper.

There is no specific order as to which symbol you have to enter first. All you have to do is enter the three specific symbols that you got in your game and you will solve the code, starting the ceremony and beginning the next step to completing the Easter Egg in Shi no Numa, Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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