CoD Vanguard: How to Activate the Zipline in Shi no Numa

In a pickle on Vanguard’s Shi no Numa? Use the Zipline for a quick escape!

If you want to make a quick getaway from the Doctor’s Porch in Shi no Numa, you need to unlock the Zipline. It isn’t worth much in this Call of Duty: Vanguard map other than getting high ground or escaping zombies. It does, however, require quite a few points to unlock.

Moreover, you could say that it is difficult to figure out how to activate the Zipline in the first place – since you are reading this guide as well. Not to worry though, because we’re here to give you all the details on how to activate and ride the Zipline in Shi no Numa.

How to activate the Zipline in Shi no Numa

You can find the Zipline in the center of the map, stretching from the porch of the Doctor’s Quarters to the railing of the Main Hut.

To activate the Zipline in Shi no Numa, you first need to play a couple of rounds and save up until you have enough points to unlock the two doors to the Doctor’s Quarters. Each door costs 1000 points, so you need 2000 points in total.

After reaching the Doctor’s Quarters, make your way to the shack’s porch and look for a red box. This box is attached to a wooden structure to the right of the entrance, next to an oil lamp.


The red box is a power generator, which needs to be turned on to activate the Zipline. Once activated, it will call the Zipline toward you. It takes a few seconds to come to you, so steer clear of any zombies that might attack you.


We recommend using the Zipline only when you need to, because each time you ride the Zipline, you will require 1500 points.

After the Zipline has landed, get onto it and interact with the box in the front to ride it to the other end. It costs 1500 points to activate the Zipline in CoD Vanguard Shi no Numa.

Zipline Glitch to Kill Boom Schreiers

There is a small yet effective glitch that you can exploit on Shi no Numa using the Zipline. First, you have to activate the Zipline for 500 points and jump off of it. Once it starts to go, jump onto it from the side.

The Zipline moves relatively slowly, so it’s quite easy to jump onto it. You will get downed while doing this though, but you can revive yourself quickly.

After reviving yourself, do not jump off the side of the Zipline and wait for it to reach the top. You can move from side to side, but you still need to be careful not to fall off the side.


Boom Schreiers spawn after round 5.

At the end of the ride, you must wait for the Boom-Schreiers to come after you. They will get onto the Zipline, but they will not be able to attack you. From here, you can finish them off easily. It is worth noting that this glitch does not work for any other types of zombies.

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