Call of Duty Vanguard Best LMG Tier List

An LMG in the right hands can help turn the tide of a match in Call of Duty Vanguard. Below we will be looking at a Call of Duty Vanguard Best LMG Tier List to help you pick the one that compliments your loadout and playstyle.

Call of Duty Vanguard Best LMG Tier List

On launch day, CoD Vanguard comes with 4 LMGs and they are all good in one way or another. Some of these light machineguns in Call of Duty Vanguard have good stats in general while others require you to use the right attachments and perks to make them deadly.

Our LMG Tier List for Vanguard, given below, will help you choose the right one for your loadout.

LMG Name Tier
DP27 S
MG42 A
Type 11 B
Bren C

CoD Vanguard Best LMGs

S Tier


The DP27 in CoD Vanguard has high damage and better mobility when compared to the other LMG’s on this list which makes it an S Tier weapon. Players can unlock it at Level 12 and start shredding enemies at all ranges.

You can further improve it in the reload speed and mobility department by unlocking better attachments and loadouts for it.

A Tier


The MG42 has an insanely high rate of fire and damage but its recoil is a bit tricky to master and it has lower mobility as compared to the DP27 which is why we deemed it fit to put it in the A Tier.

With slightly lower mobility, you should pair it with an SMG for optimal results.

B Tier

Type 11

The Type 11 LMG in Vanguard would have easily made it to the A Tier with the MG42 but its slightly lower damage and mobility makes it harder to use and requires you to put on some decent attachments.

C Tier


Bren is another weapon in Call of Duty Vanguard that requires a little skill and lots of attachments to make it a viable choice. It has the worse recoil, rate of fire, and damage out of all the other LMGs in Vanguard but comes with really good handling.

You have to carefully pick your attachments for this one and use a secondary SMG to make sure that it doesn’t get you killed.

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