Call of Duty Vanguard Best Perks Guide

In this guide, we’ve listed the finest perks to use in Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer for all three slots. After reading this guide, you should have no trouble performing well in your next match.

Call of Duty Vanguard Best Perks

CoD Vanguard has an impressive number of effective perks to choose from in each slot. Below, we’ll take a look at all the perks available and tell you the best one for each slot.

Slot 1 Perks

In this section of the guide, we have listed all the perks in CoD Vanguard you can equip in your first perk slot

  • Fortified – Reduces the amount of damage caused by explosives by 15%. While mounted, crouching, or prone, damage reduction is doubled. Reduces the time it takes for your health to recover after being exposed to explosives.
  • Survival Training -Increased Stun resistance. Immunity against gas.
  • Ninja – Move quietly. When you fall, your damage is decreased. The efficacy of opponent Tracker perks is reduced.
  • Dauntless-Immune to the effects of movement restriction.
  • Ghost –While moving, Spy Planes, enemy info, and Field Mics cannot spot you.
  • Cold Blooded –Killstreaks controlled by AI will not target you, while killstreaks controlled by players will not highlight you. You are not the one who activates High Alert. Reduces the range at which enemies’ awareness markers appear.

Slot 2 Perks

  • Tracker-Enemies leave footprints behind them. Mark enemy death sites with markers and hide enemy death marks that you kill.
  • Radar-When an enemy fires a weapon without a suppressor, it appears on your minimap.
  • High Alert- When opponents outside of your view see you, your vision pulses. When an enemy fires an unsuppressed weapon, it appears on your minimap.
  • Engineer- Through barriers, detect opponent equipment, field upgrades, and killstreaks. By pointing down sights, you can mark them for your squad. Enemy equipment and field enhancements can be hacked.
  • Forward Intel –On your minimap, look for enemy reinforcement indications. A broader region is shown on the minimap.
  • Piercing Vision – Targets that have been sufficiently repressed will be highlighted for a brief period of time, making them appear through walls and blocking effects.

Slot 3 Perks

  • Double Time- Tactical Sprint’s duration is doubled. Increase the speed of crouch movement by 30%.
  • Demolition – Dangerous on spawn. When lethals are thrown at you, an indicator shows the lethal’s path.
  • Lightweight – Movement speed is increased.
  • Overkill- Enables you to carry 2 primary weapons.
  • Tactician- Restocks tactical equipment every 30 seconds.
  • Scavenger – Restock ammo from dead players.

CoD Vanguard Best Perks

Now that you have an idea of what all the perks in CoD Vanguard are, below is our pick of the best perks to have for any weapon loadout and how they will prove to be beneficial in different combat scenarios in Vanguard.

Best Slot 1 Perk

The best perk from slot 1 that we recommend is Ghost. If you have been playing CoD for a while, then you already know the importance of this perk.

Ghost allows you to avoid being noticed by spy aircraft and other minimap detectors, effectively negating an opponent’s killstreak reward.

When the opponent knows where you are, it’s difficult to win a firefight, and because the time to kill in this game is so high, being able to catch people off guard is a major advantage.

Best Slot 2 Perk

The best perk that we recommend for Slot 2 is High Alert. High Alert gives you enough info for better positioning and map awareness.

It’s especially useful against snipers positioned throughout the map attempting to kill you, and a good option if you want to prevent any unexpected shots.

Best Slot 3 Perk

The perk we recommend for you from slot 3 is Overkill and that should not come as a surprise. Overkill is one of the most popular perks In CoD’s history. Overkill allows you to carry two primary weapons at the same time.

It proves to be beneficial in both Multiplayer and Battle Royal. It depends on one’s choice what kind of weapon combo a player prefers but in Vanguard’s Multiplayer, thanks to overkill, you can carry one AR and one SSM or A sniper rifle with an SMG.

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