Call of Duty Vanguard Best Assault Rifles Tier List

In this Call of Duty Vanguard Assault Rifle Tier List, we’ll be categorizing and ranking all the ARs in the game so you can pick the right one

In this Call of Duty Vanguard Best Assault Rifles Tier List, we’ll be putting together a tier list of all the assault rifles in the game, along with our explanations for why they’re in a particular tier.

Call of Duty Vanguard Best Assault Rifles Tier List

Players love to use Assault Rifles in CoD Vanguard, as they offer great damage with comparatively little recoil and a sizable mag to keep killing sprees going. There are 7 AR’s available to use in Vanguard. They all are unique with respect to what they offer to the players, but some are better than others.

Below are the assault rifles in CoD Vanguard arranged in a Tier List according to how good we think they are.

Name Tier
STG 44 and Automaton S
Volk, Bar, and AS 44 A
ITRA Burst B
NZ-41 C

Now, we will be explaining each Tier in detail to help you get a good idea of the characteristics of different ARs in CoD Vanguard.

Vanguard Best Assault Rifles

S Tier

STG 44

This is one of the best among all the Assault Rifles in CoD Vanguard. This is due to its higher firing speed, exceptionally low levels of recoil, and high damage during firefights. This is one of the most well rounded weapons available in the game and easy to handle in the thick of things.


Automaton is well known for its fast rate of fire and zero recoil levels with the right loadout. The performance of this Rifle is exceptional in mid-range fights can make any player wielding it with the proper attachments a force to be reckoned with.

A Tier


Less control on recoil levels is the disadvantage of using the Volk AR, but it offers a high rate of fire when used with the right loadouts. So, this can be effective to cause a high amount of damage to the enemy, if you can get your hits in.


The BAR doesn’t have a high rate of fire, but it provides you with hefty damage with each shot. BAR can be useful in long-distance battles and act as a pseudo sniper, but it falters at close-range skirmishes unless you can make that one shot count.


AS44 is not much different than the other ones in this Tier. This AR possesses exceptional fire rate, but it’s not a perfectly balanced weapon. AS44 is difficult to control due to high levels of recoil.

B Tier

ITRA Burst

The specialty of this weapon is it’s burst fire mode. This weapon can quickly defeat the opponent, so is quite fast in killing the target. The downside, however, is that you’ll be reloading this Rifle continuously, thus not giving any chance to the enemy with increasing bullets in the store.

C Tier


This AR is not an ideal due to high levels of recoil. It does offer high damage rate, so can be useful for the players who want to show some aggression during the battle, but there are better AR’s out there

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