How to Get Highland Lotus in V Rising

The Highland Lotus is a neon green flower that is an extremely rare resource. You must locate it and then harvest it with your sword or axe to obtain the Plant fiber as well as the Highland Lotus flowers. Read on to learn about Highland Lotus Farm Locations and how to get highland lotus seeds in V Rising.

V Rising Highland Lotus Farm Locations

Since the Highland Lotus is a rare resource it’s not easily found across the map. However, you can find a decent amount of Highland Lotus in Silverlight Hills.

The Highland Lotus can be found in the Silverlight Hills in the Harpy Nest, and a few can be found to the north of the Silverlight Hills region.

Highland Lotus is mostly found in Harpy Nest besides rocks and cliffs. To farm the Highland Lotus, head to the Harpy Nest and pluck the small bushes of the resource.

Since the Highland Lotus is a scarce resource plant, there won’t be many Highland Lotus plants growing together. Generally, there’ll be a single plant growing alone, and you will have to roam around the area to find a bunch. It is, without a doubt, a tedious process!

It’s also worth mentioning that because they are a resource, you can’t take them with you through the waygates.


How to Get Highland Lotus Seeds

In V Rising, you can also use Highland Lotus Seeds to harvest Highland Lotus Flowers. The good thing is that you can get a handful of these Seeds to farm the Highland Lotus Plants.

Highland Lotus Seeds, unlike Highland Lotus Plants, are not rare, so you can grab a big supply. Ottar the Merchant, who lives inside a house in the Bright Haven Slums, sells the seeds.

Ottar will sell Highland Lotus Seeds for 200 Silver each, so if you have enough silver, you can buy as many seeds as you want because there is no limit to how many seeds you can buy from him.

Return to your castle after purchasing the seeds from Ottar to plant them. The seeds must be planted in the garden, and if you don’t have a garden yet, now is the time to make one.

Plant the seeds in the garden and let them be; They’ll grow into full-grown plants over time, and when they do, you’ll be able to harvest them for Highland Lotus Flowers.

When harvesting, use a weapon that causes more damage to vegetation, such as a slasher or a sword. Plant as many seeds as possible to ensure a plethora of Highland Lotus Flowers.

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