V Rising Teleport Locations, Waygates, and Caves Passages For Fast Travel

You can fast travel in V Rising by using specific locations to save valuable time. You will, however, need to find them first. Using Vampire Waygates and Cave Passages, traversing through the terrain in V Rising will feel like a breeze. Where to find them? We detail them with marked locations.

How to Fast Travel in V Rising

There are two ways to fast travel in the game, each with its own set of pros and cons. You can either use Vampire Waygates or Cave Passages to quickly move across the map in V Rising.

Vampire Waygates
Vampire Waygates offer the traditional kind of fast traveling. You can move back and forth between different Waygates that you have discovered through exploration. However, they have one major drawback.

You can’t use Vampire Waygates if you have resources or loot in your inventory. You’ll need to empty your inventory in order to use a Waygate or else choose to walk to your preferred destination.

Cave Passages
In contrast to Vampire Gateways, Cave Passages only offer a one-way trip. You can’t choose your preferred destination as each Cave Passage fast travels to a single, predetermined location. The exit location is always on top of a cliff that cannot be reached by any means. Hence, once you reach your destination, you can’t use the same Cave Passage to return.

That being said, in some cases, staying on the edge of the Cave Passage outlet will allow you to fast travel back to the mouth of the cave from where you started.


Cave Passages compensate for this by giving you the ability to transport supplies.

Your fast traveling will hence depend on your requirement. V Rising normally has Cave Passages close to farming locations, meaning that you’ll likely be using that to transport your loot or materials. You’ll need to plan your trips accordingly.

Teleport Locations

The Vampire Waygates and Cave Passages are simply teleporting tools that you can use to fast travel in V Rising. While riding your horse will reduce your traveling time, getting to a far-off location within a second is obviously very useful.

Below are all of the Vampire Waygates in V Rising:

  • Farbane Woods Vampire Waygates
  • Dunley Farmland Vampire Waygates
  • Silverlight Hills Vampire Waygates
  • Cursed Forest Vampire Waygates

There are also four Cave Passages that are mentioned in the later section of the guide.

How to Use Vampire Waygates to Fast Travel

Vampire Waygates are marked on the map by green portal-like icons. They, however, only show up once you have discovered them.

When you come across a Vampire Waygate, hit the interaction button to open a prompt that asks you to choose your destination Vampire Gateway. Remember that you can only fast travel between Waygates that you have already discovered.

You will eventually be able to create a Vampire Gateway at your Castle as you progress. Remember that a Vampire Gateway can only be used by the player who built it.

How to Build Vampire Waygates

You will unlock the ability to build a Vampire Waygate by defeating Polora the Feywalker, a level 34 boss. She will drop the crafting recipe for Vampire Gateway as well as Garden Floors, and Potion with Low Garlic Resistance.

When you finally have the recipe; gather x200 Blood Essence, x20 Plank, x20 Copper Ingot, and x10 Gem Dust to build a Vampire Gateway.

Vampire Waygates Locations Map

There are a total of 10 Vampire Gateways to discover and use in V Rising.

Farbane Woods Vampire Waygates
The Farbane Woods zone has four total Vampire Waygates. However, these Waygates are scattered throughout the region’s fringes, so if you wish to expand towards the center, you’ll have to depend on Cave Passages for fast traveling.

V Rising Waygates Fast Travel

Dunley Farmland Vampire Waygates
The Dunley Farmlands zone has four Vampire Waygates. Since many of the Waygates are in the southern part of the territory, you’ll have to depend on two Cave Passages in the northwestern part of the territory for your fast travel needs if you want to construct deeper north.

V Rising Waygates Fast Travel

Silverlight Hills Vampire Waygates
Sadly, there is only one Vampire Waygate in the Silverlight Hills region that is situated on the northeastern side of the region. While there is a Cave Passage south of the Waygate, players may find that getting quickly across the Silverlight Hills area is difficult.

Cursed Forest Vampire Waygates
The Cursed Forest region, like Silverlight Hills, only has one Waygate which is situated in the southern section of the region where the Cursed Forest joins Dunley Farmlands.

How to Use Cave Passages to Fast Travel

Search for Cave Passages in the game by keeping an eye out for blazing red fractures on rock faces. When you find one, get close to the glowing breach and hold F to move through the cave system.

We advocate building your Castle around Cave Passages. This will allow you to unload materials faster, especially in locations with many endgame materials like the Cursed Forest.

Cave Locations (Cave Passages Map)

There are a total of four Cave Passages in V Rising.

V Rising Cave Passage #1
The entrance of the first one is in the Cursed Forest, and it opens southwest of Farbane Forest.

V Rising Cave Passage #2
The entrance of the second one is also in the Cursed Forest but it opens west of Dunley Farmlands.

V Rising Cave Passage #3
The entrance of the third one is on the Southside of Dunley Farmlands, and it opens up in Farbane Forest.

V Rising Cave Passage #4
The entrance of the fourth one is on the Southeast side of the Silverlight Hills, and it opens near the Hallowed Mountains.

Cannot Teleport While Carrying Resources

Using waygates to teleport around the map in V Rising has its limitations, the biggest one being that you can’t teleport while carrying resources. If you seem to be unable to teleport, this could be the reason why. In order to teleport, you first need to clear your inventory.

Keep in mind that this restriction only applies to resources like stone, copper, iron, animal harvests, etc. You can still teleport through vampire waygates while carrying your personal equipment like weapons and armor.

This is why having a well-designed and built base comes in handy. Whenever you wish to teleport somewhere, you can simply drop your precious resources into the storage chests in your base and then travel while carrying your equipment to help you in the dangers that await.

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