Two Point Hospital Sweaty Palms Guide

Sweaty Palms is the second Hospital you will find in World 4 of the Two Points Hospital. This Hospital can be unlocked by reaching the star level in Duckworth-Upon-Bilge.

This Two Point Hospital guide will cover all you need to know about Sweaty Palms Hospital, like its best layout, star objectives, staff training tips, and walkthrough.

Best Layout For Sweaty Palms

Each Hospital has a different layout; some players want to customize it to meet their needs. But to make things a little easier for you, we create a layout for Sweaty Palms, which we consider the best.

Below you will find the best layout of Sweaty Palms in Two Point Hospital.

We will make Plot 2 our diagnosis area, close to our GP’s area. The GP’s area will be on Plot 3, along with the restroom area and robust café. The reason for keeping these areas close is pretty simple.

It would be easy to diagnose and treat patients if both these areas were close to each other. Plot 4 will serve multi purposes at the start, you can make a staff room here, but later on, when needed, you can make diagnosis rooms, Pan’s Lab, and a Psychiatry room here.

This will serve as an overflow area and will be used when needed. You can also reserve Plot 5 and 7 for dealing with emergencies and placing the required rooms.

In Plot 6, you will be doing all the treatment-related stuff. This will have a DNA lab and ward for dealing with the patients.

After that, there will be Plot 7, which we can use for administrative purposes as this is a backmost area. This area wouldn’t be ideal for dealing with patients, so it is better to make it the administrative area.

However, Plot 9 can be used as a treatment area if you feel the available one is not enough.

Sweaty Palms Star Objectives

1 Star Objectives

  • Cure 15 Patients with Premature Mummification
  • Cure Rate of 60%
  • Hospital Value of $750,000


  • $10,000
  • Kudosh 100

2 Star Objectives

  • Cure 100 Patients
  • Cure Rate of 75%
  • Hospital Value of $2,000,000
  • Thermal Comfort of 75%


  • $20,000
  • Kudosh 150

3 Star Objectives

  • Cure 200 Patients
  • Cure Rate of 90%
  • Hospital Value of $5,000,000
  • Thermal Comfort of 90%


  • $20,000
  • Kudosh 150

Sweaty Palms Hospital Staff Training Tips

Training Staff is another mechanic in Two Point Hospital that unlocks after reaching level 3. Once you can train your staff, first start with the Receptionist.

Make sure to boost its skills like emotion, intelligence, and stamina. As a doctor, you should combine skills like General Practice and Diagnostics.

Make sure the Nurses have skills like a ward, injection, and treatment if the nurses don’t have these skill start their training immediately as they will be handling the patient most of the time.

You can train a Janitor to boost their skills like Mechanics, Maintenance, Stamina Training, and Emotional Intelligence. They can repair machines and other things by boosting these skills.

Janitors are the backbone structure, and you will need to invest in them to run the Hospital smoothly.

You have to take measures to lower their workload. You can place fire extinguishers in the needed room, so they don’t have to run much in an emergency.

Just boost the abilities of all the staff in the Hospital when you get the chance to get the best output from them.

How to Manage Debt in Sweaty Palms

Managing debt wouldn’t be much difficult in Sweaty Palms if you move forward carefully, keeping in view your budget. You can start with the Pharmacy, GP, Reception, and janitor.

After that start training your staff as this will be a lot cheaper and you can turn them into specialists.

You can also increase the treatment’s price and monitor the reputation to stop increasing the price when you feel it is affecting your reputation the most.

Make sure your GPs are close to the diagnosis room and away from the treatment room to help you earn more.

To cover some of the reputation loss, you can start a marketing campaign and manage your debt effectively. Just keep these things in mind and continue to work; you will be able to easily manage your debt.

If you cannot manage your debt in Sweaty Palms even after following all the tips above, you can also try a cheat. You can start research for earning money and managing the debt.

Move to the older Hospital you have and start your research there. When your research finishes, pause it and move back to the Sweaty Palms.

After returning, finish the research and earn money to repay your debt. These are some ways in which you can manage your debt quite efficiently in Two Point Hospital Sweaty Palms.

Sweaty Palms: How to Manage Staff Morale

To manage your staff morale in Sweaty Palms Hospital, you must ensure they are happy. Even if you are paying them a little less, you must ensure that you provide them with the basic facilities.

You can get them a staff room where they can relax. The staff room should have benches, Leaflet Stand, Drink Machine, and a Snack machine. While providing these facilities, make sure you have bins nearby as well.

The Hospital should be completely cleaned and properly, and its temperature should be normal, so they don’t have to work in a high-temperature environment.

Not just for the staff, make sure you have these facilities for the patients. Because if patients are not happy, they will move to the other Hospital.

When possible, increase the staff’s salary to make them happier. The staff with high morale will heal the patients quickly.

Two Point Hospital Sweaty Palms Walkthrough

Right from the start, don’t try to level up your Hospital. Instead, you must first train your available staff and upgrade machinery so your cure rate can be increased.

The cure rate is important for running this Hospital smoothly as you will be dealing with many diseases. For research, you can go to Mitton University and do your research on Cryptology.

You will need quite a few janitors to run Sweaty Palms, and make sure you train them completely as you will be dealing with many patients and earthquakes.

Earthquakes will quickly decrease your machinery’s durability, so having trained janitors is important. Make sure to place at least two fire extinguishers at all places since you will need them in different situations, and one may not serve the purpose.

To meet the needed Cure rate and expand, you will need to follow the slow expansion strategy. Because if you go for expanding quickly, you will get a lot of patients, and you wouldn’t be able to handle them at all, which will lower the Cure rate.

To manage all the objectives like expanding and cure rate, you must manage your Hospital carefully and keep in mind the important things we mentioned above. If you follow the guidelines mentioned above, you won’t face many problems.

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