Two Point Hospital Mitton University Guide

Mitton University is the first Hospital you can play in World 2 of Two Point Hospital, which can be unlocked by obtaining Star Level in Flottering. Mitton University introduces research to the table and focuses heavily on Staff Training.

You are only allowed to hire Junior Staff having only 1 star and no skills; however, you are compensated with $10000 each time someone completes a course. Since it is also the first cold climate, hospital players must use radiators and other heating devices.

The following Two Point Hospital Mitton University guide contains everything from the best layouts, Star Objectives, Staff Training Tips, Managing Staff Morale, and Walkthrough.

Best Layout for Mitton University in Two Point Hospital

Every Hospital has its unique layout, which the players can later customize as to their requirements. For those who want a suitable and efficient layout for their Hospital, we have made one that we determined was the best.

The front-most plot should be your reception and entry area, and you may build washrooms and waiting areas here or even place a few vending machines and benches. This will also be the administrative building of your Hospital.

Plot 2 should be made a Diagnostic and Treatment hybrid area where you many diagnose and treat various illnesses and diseases.

Plot 3 should be strictly a Diagnostic oriented area for greater efficiency when diagnosing.

In the bottom left, you should then make Plot 5 a Lab Building.

Finally, Plot 8 should be a Treatment Designated Area having an overflow G.P.’s office to provide close-by diagnosis rooms.

The remaining space is left to accommodate future upgrades and growth of your Hospital.

Mitton University Star Objectives

1 Star Objectives

  • Train a Doctor in Research
  • Complete Chromatherapy Research Project
  • Cure a Patient in Chromatherapy


  • $10,000
  • K100
  • Encyclopedia Bookcase I
  • De-Lux O-Luxe III
  • Flemington (This Requires you to get a 1 Star rating in Tumble also)

2 Star Objectives

  • Train 10 Staff
  • Generate 2000 Research Points
  • Cure 50 Patients


  • $20,000
  • Encyclopedia Bookcase II
  • EZ-Scan III
  • K150

3 Star Objectives

  • Train 20 Staff
  • Generate 4000 Research Points
  • Cure 100 Patients
  • Have a Cure Rate of 60%


  • $30,000
  • K200
  • Drug Mixer III
  • Server

Prominent Diseases:

  • Lazy Bones
  • Mock Star
  • Bogwarts

Mitton University Staff Training Tips

At Mitton University, you can only hire Junior Staff members, which means 1-star members with no skills, so training your members is the only option available to you.

The Staff Training feature in Two Point Hospital allows you to train your staff and help them improve and gain newer skills. You can start to use this mechanic once you reach level 3.

While training your staff, you should keep certain skills to boost for each occupation.

Starting with doctors, you need to focus on boosting their General Practice, Diagnostics, Psychiatry, Treatment, and Research skills.

Nurses should receive upgrades in Diagnostics, Pharmacy Management, Ward Management, Injection Administration, and Diagnostics.

You must also train other hospital staff to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Janitors are essential for the smooth functioning of the Hospital. Their workload should be managed by having sufficient staff members and the placement of multiple fire extinguishers and cleaning equipment to avoid frequent running. You should boost their Maintenance, Mechanics, and Ghost Capture skills to improve efficiency.

You should also boost your receptionists’ Emotion, Intelligence, and Stamina skills, while your Assistants should receive upgrades in their Customer Service and Marketing skills.

Mitton University: How to Manage Staff Morale

Managing your Staff’s Morale is important as it dictates their effectiveness. Two contributors to your Staff’s Morale are their salary and mood.

Your staff must be well paid to maintain good morale. Sometimes having the minimum wage will not suffice, and you would be required to pay them above going rates.

Your staff should also be provided with certain facilities. A staff room with Benches, Snack Machines, Drinking Machines, and Leaflet Stands can help improve their mood.

Radiators and other heating devices are also necessary for the cold environment.

Maintaining a clean environment also boosts the happiness of your staff. So, place Bins in various places in your Hospital and have many Janitors to maintain a clean and pleasant environment.

Participate and Win every Staff Challenge you receive as it also helps improve the happiness of each staff member.

You can also eliminate staff with negative traits and select those with good traits as it is easier to maintain a good mood for them.

Finally, you can also buff Emotional Intelligence to gain a free 10% happiness boost for each staff member.

Mitton University Walkthrough

While playing Mitton University, you will not encounter any disasters; however, you may run across a few emergencies.

These include Circus Incident (Clown Clinic), Gray Anatomy Emergency (Colourizer), and Mock Star Emergency (Psychiatry).

A few new diseases are also introduced: Grey Anatomy, Inflated Ego, Rock Bottom, Night Fever, Mood Poisoning, and Decision Rash.

The following Strategy is the most effective for playing Mitton university:

2 essential items are unlocked at Mitton University. The Serve boosts research speed by 1%, and the Encyclopedia Bookcase II buffs your training speed by 4%. So, completing the objectives to receive these items as quickly as possible is a must.

After completing your objectives, you should wait before progressing to the next Hospital.

You should upgrade at least one of your Doctors to Psychiatry II or III as swiftly as possible and gain access to the Psychiatry Rooms necessary for your Hospital’s development.

The Influx of these patients will be your primary source of income. They will also help in the Mock Star Emergency.

Next, you should train a Nurse in Treatment and Pharmacy skills. This will help establish a secondary income source for your Hospital in the form of a Pharmacy.

Having just the Cardiology, Ward, and General Diagnostics rooms should be sufficient for conducting Diagnostics.

When your Hospital achieves a 3-star rating, you should train the Research skill of a few of your Doctors and construct a Research Room. Doing so will allow you to start conducting research.

Fluid Analysis, X-Ray, Injection Room, and M.E.G.A Scan rooms should also be built as they will also be required for research. This will greatly help in your next hospitals as well.

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