Two Point Hospital Best GP Office Tips

In Two Point Hospital, the first diagnostic room to which the player will have access is the GP Office, which occurs during the tutorial. Every patient is anticipated to visit it at least once. With the right number of highly skilled diagnostics rooms and enough highly skilled GPs, you can avoid long lines.

Every ailment in the game may be treated in a sizable late-game hospital with 8 GP offices and lineups longer than five people. The doctor’s offices are the most crucial areas in your hospital, so keep that in mind. After giving your patients a complete diagnosis, they must visit a doctor’s office again to receive that confirmation.

The GPS office will be the most inhabited as a result. If you don’t have a skilled doctor, you need about a 2:1 ratio of GP offices to diagnosis rooms (levels 4 to 5).

Thus, this guide includes all the necessary advice on GP offices to make Two Point Hospital simple for you and help you succeed in the game. Check out these Two Point Hospital Tips For GP’s Office if you are having trouble with a long line at the doctor’s office or crowding, etc.

Two Point Hospitals GP Office Tips

Near Diagnosis Room

To save time walking and to create better diagnosis rooms, keep GP offices close to the diagnostic rooms. A patient should infrequently require more than 2 diagnosis runs to attain 100% after some study and upgrades.

Suppose the patient passes away while given the runaround; opening many doctor’s offices won’t help. You’ll need fewer offices if the runaround is efficient.

Toilet Designs

Toilet design issues can occasionally arise. A single lane running down the center of many restroom cubicles will result in severe congestion. If you redesign the restroom with 1 fewer cubicle, change things about it, and add a lot more space, there won’t be more GP lines. Whenever feasible, use spacious hallways as well.

Replacing First Person

To keep the line moving, if the person at the head of the line is away from getting anything, they should be instantly relegated to the second position. In a game of this nature, it is unacceptable that the player must perform this task manually and that if they fail to do so, the queue will remain idle until they return.

Fill up Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets in a doctor’s office boost your likelihood of a diagnosis. As a result, patients would have to travel to fewer general practitioners’ offices and other diagnostic facilities before receiving treatment. Due to the high expense, it should be noted that this is only appropriate for hospitals with higher levels. If the hospital grows, you can think about adding more medicine cabinets by enlarging the GP’s office area.

Send Patients Directly For Treatment

One of the major reasons for long queues is that the patients have to go back to GP’s Office. In order to avoid that, go to the patients tab, sort by Diagnosis, and check those with 100% diagnosis.

Only Allow Doctors with High Diagnosis Skills to Work GP’s Office

This denotes a high level of both diagnostic and general practice skills. They will significantly lessen the number of diagnoses needed.

X-Ray, MEGA Scan Rooms, and Fluid Analysis

Make certain you have the most sophisticated diagnosis rooms, such as X-ray, MEGA Scan, and fluid analysis rooms. This enables the GP’s Office to refer patients to these more sophisticated rooms rather than the more basic ones, improving the diagnosis % for each Diagnosis and resulting in fewer visits to the GP’s Office.

Spread out GP’s Offices

This helps to avoid patients lining up in one spot and blocking the path to the doctor’s office. Because patients schedule appointments at the GP’s Office nearest them, less time is spent traveling between those offices and the various diagnosis rooms.

Remember that you still need more GP offices close to the entrance to service patients who have just arrived at the hospital.

Ensure Your Corridors Are Spacious And Well-Stocked

Avoid making congested halls and corridors if you want to impress the VIPs who pass by (and earn some essential extra Kudosh and REP here and there). It is advised that you use halls and paths that are at least two squares wide as an alternative.

Take into account both the wow factor and the needs of your patients. Place a Food Machine and a Drinks Machine side by side on the wall in the hallways (they come in different flavors), followed by garbage and a recycling bin.

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