Two Point Hospital Flottering Guide

This guide will teach you everything about Flottering Hospital in Two Point Hospital, including Best Layout, Star Objectives, Staff Training.

Flottering Hospital is the third hospital you will come across in World 1 of Two Point Hospital. You will need Lower Bullock Star Level to unlock it. In Flottering, Training Rooms are launched for the first time in the Two Point Hospital.

Flottering objectives will be based mainly on the training room’s learning and usage. This guide will teach you everything about Flottering Hospital, including Best Layout, Star Objectives, Staff Training, and Walkthrough.

Best Layout for Flottering 

Build the reception desk in the main building on the First Plot. Make two GP offices on the far-left corner and General Diagnosis on the right corner of the building. 

  • The first plot will have a Patient Diagnosis Centre 
  • The second plot will manage Staff Training and Pharmacy 
  • The third plot will function as a Clinic and Patient Ward. You can add Emergency Diagnostic Centres like “Clown Clinic” to 

Flottering Star Objectives 

Welcome to Two Point Hospital! This guide will walk you through the third hospital in the game, Flottering.  

Flottering 1-Star Hospital 

This hospital focuses on staff training and development, so training your staff as quickly as possible is important. 


  • Train 3 staff members 
  • Promote 3 staff members 


To complete the objectives for Flottering Hospital, you will need to do the following: 

  • Build a reception desk 
  • Build a GP’s office 
  • Build a pharmacy 
  • Hire a janitor with the mechanic skill and ghost capture ability 
  • Train 3 staff members 
  • Promote 3 staff members 


  • 10000 Dollars 
  • 100 Kudosh 
  • Lower Bullocks 
  • Mitton University 
  • Reception (Room) 
  • Clown Poster 


  1. Focus on training your staff as early as possible. The sooner you train them, the sooner they can diagnose and treat patients effectively. 
  1. Promote your staff members as soon as they are eligible. This will help them to become more efficient and effective at their jobs. 
  1. Use gold stars to increase your rooms’ attractiveness rating and procedure level. This will help to attract more patients and improve the quality of care. 

Flottering 2-Star Hospital 

It’s time to level up your hospital from level six to level nine, with the ultimate goal of achieving two stars while addressing potential issues that can occur along the way. 


  • Train 6 staff members 
  • Promote 6 staff members 
  • Increase the Hospital Level to 9. 


A significant challenge you’ll face is inadequate staff, especially in psychiatry, GP, and treatment rooms. To address this issue, consider hiring the following staff: 

  • One GP 
  • One psychiatrist 
  • One treatment Doctor 
  • One treatment nurse 
  • One ward nurse 


  • 20000 Dollars 
  • 150 Kudosh 
  • Dehumorfier II 
  • Heart Racer II 


  1. Keep a watchful eye on all aspects of your hospital, including repairs, upgrades, hiring, and training. 
  1. Follow the rule of two staff per room, especially in the early stages when there’s only one room, to ensure a backup when someone goes on break. 
  1. Utilize the clown clinic effectively, ensuring two people staff it. 
  1. Hire an additional nurse for the ward to improve efficiency. 
  1. Take advantage of the pharmacy’s strengths and the pan’s lab’s three-person capacity, who can also work in the GP room. 
  1. Be prepared to encounter a new illness called Mind Crisis, which affects individuals who fail to perceive reality. These patients will need to be treated in the psychiatry department. 
  1. Handle the ward emergency promptly by assigning eight patients to the ward and providing necessary training to the nurses. 
  1. A new patient will visit all the diagnosis rooms, but their condition may not meet the threshold for diagnosis. Monitor the patient closely to identify any potential issues. 

Flottering 3-Star Hospital

It’s time to tackle the challenge of achieving three stars at the Flottering level! 


  • Train 10 staff members 
  • Promote 10 staff members 
  • Increase the Hospital Level to 12 
  • Maintain Staff Morale to a minimum of 75% 


Maintaining staff morale is crucial for a thriving hospital. Fortunately, there are several effective strategies to keep your employees happy and productive: 

  • Provide regular breaks and ensure your staff has adequate rest and recharge. 
  • Offer refreshments: Keep drinks readily available for staff members to quench their thirst. 
  • Pay competitive wages: Offer fair compensation to attract and retain top talent. 
  • Training and Promotions 


  • 30000 Dollars. 
  • 200 Kudosh. 
  • Dehumorfier III. 
  • Heart Racer III. 


  1. Utilize training slots effectively: Train staff members whenever training slots are available. 
  1. Nurture staff skills and experience: Encourage staff to gain skills and experience through training and on-the-job tasks. 
  1. Promote deserving staff: Recognize and promote staff who demonstrate exceptional performance and skill development. 
  1. Purchase additional plots: Expand your hospital’s footprint by acquiring additional plots of land. 
  1. Upgrade rooms: Enhance the quality of care by upgrading existing rooms with better equipment and facilities. 
  1. Optimize treatment room layout: Strategically arrange treatment rooms to ensure efficient patient flow and minimize congestion. 

Flottering Staff Training Tips 

  1. You can start training your staff in Two Point Hospital, but first, you need to achieve level 3. For that, you need to hire at least 7 employees. 
  1. We will start with the General Physician as he will be the front face of the hospital. Consider adding soft skills like Bedside Manners or Emotional Intelligence. 
  1. Train receptionists by boosting their emotions and stamina. You can also train the doctors in Radiology and Genetics to broaden their expertise in all departments. 
  1. Invest in Janitors to get long-term improvement in quality of work. Give them basic skills like Stamina, Emotional Intelligence, Mechanics, and Maintenance. After that, the Janitors can solve all the basic problems like broken item repairs. 

Flottering: How to Manage Staff Morale 

To increase your staff’s morale, ensure the hospital is well cared for. It does have coffee and snack machines for employees. Make sure that they have a good staff room. 

Increasing the break policy from 9 to 11 will also make the doctors happy and boost their morale. Increasing all the rooms to level 5 prestige will also increase the morale. Now, the very important thing. Pay the staff well—last one. Make sure to have the bins available at all places in the hospital so that the hospital will be cleaner. 

Two Point Hospital Flottering Walkthrough 

  1. Clowns will frequently visit the hospital to start by building a reception desk. 
  1. Build the Clown Clinic, pharmacy, and a big ward. Make sure to add at least two nurses to the ward. 
  1. Keep expanding the diagnostics room to treat critical diseases. To cash in all the clown-related emergencies, build another clown clinic. 
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