Two Point Hospital Flottering Guide

Flottering Hospital is the third hospital you will come across in World 1 of Two Point Hospital. You will need Lower Bullock Star Level to unlock it. In Flottering, Training Rooms are launched for the first time in the Two Point Hospital.

Flottering objectives will be based mainly on the training room’s learning and usage. This guide will teach you everything about Flottering Hospital, including Best Layout, Star Objectives, Staff Training, and Walkthrough.

Best Layout For Flottering

According to the geographic location of the hospital you are building, and its surroundings, every hospital layout will differ a little. To make your life easier and have a basic understanding of the layout, we have made the best layout for the Flottering.

In the main building, which will be in the First Plot, start by building a bench for the reception. Build two GP offices on the far-left corner. Build General Diagnosis on the right corner of the building.

The first plot will work as a diagnosis center for patients, and plot 2 will work as Staff Training and pharmacy. Plot 3 will work as a clinic for specific diseases and wards for patients. You can also add a specific diagnosis center for emergencies like Clown Clinic.

Flottering Star Objectives

1 Star Hospital


  • First, you need to train 3 staff members with the help of the training room.
  • Then you need to promote any 3 of the staff members.


  • 10000 Dollars.
  • 100 Kudosh.
  • Lower Bullocks.
  • Mitton University.
  • Reception (Room).
  • Clown Poster.

2 Star Hospital


  • First, you need to train 6 staff members with the help of the training room.
  • Then you need to promote any 6 of the staff members.
  • Also, increase the Hospital Level to 9.


  • 20000 Dollars.
  • 150 Kudosh.
  • Dehumorfier II.
  • Heart Racer II.

3 Star Hospital


  • First, you need to train 10 staff members with the help of the training room.
  • Then you need to promote any 10 of the staff members.
  • Also, increase the Hospital Level to 12.
  • Maintain Staff Morale to a minimum of 75%.


  • 30000 Dollars.
  • 200 Kudosh.
  • Dehumorfier III.
  • Heart Racer III.

Flottering Staff Training Tips

You can start training your staff in Two Point Hospital, but first, you need to achieve level 3. For that, you need to hire at least 7 employees.

We will start with General Physician as he will be the front face of the hospital. Consider adding soft skills like Bedside Manners or Emotional Intelligence.

Moving now to the receptionist. Try to boost their emotion and stamina. You can also train the doctors for Radiology and Genetics so that their expertise will be wide in all departments.

Let’s talk about Janitors, who can be the weaker link in the hospital staff. If you invest in them, they will pay you in the long term in the form of improvement in the quality of the work.

Give them basic skills like Stamina, Emotional Intelligence, Mechanics, and Maintenance. After that, the Janitors will be able to solve all the basic problems like broken item repairs.

Flottering: How to Manage Staff Morale

To increase your staff’s morale, ensure that the hospital is very well taken care of. It does have coffee and snack machines for employees. Make sure that they have a good staff room.

Increasing the break policy from 9 to 11 will also make the doctors happy and boost their morale. Increasing all the rooms to level 5 prestige will also increase the morale. Now the very important thing. Pay the staff well.

Last one. Make sure to have the bins available at all places in the hospital so that the hospital will be cleaner.

Two Point Hospital Flottering Walkthrough

The main thing you are going to face in Flottering is Clowns. You will have to deal with many clowns as they will visit this hospital frequently. Start by constructing the reception desk.

When you are building the pharmacy, make sure to also build the clown clinic alongside that. Build a big ward because you will also receive many Monobrow patients. Make sure to add at least two nurses to the ward.

As time passes, invest in a bigger diagnostics room because Flottering will receive a lot of critical diseases. To cash in all the clown-related emergencies, build another clown clinic.

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