Two Point Hospital Lower Bullocks Guide

Every hospital offers unique attributes of its own. It’s not like all illnesses are present at each hospital. Typically, each hospital seems to have a particular area of expertise. The 2nd hospital in Two Point Hospital’s World 1 is called Lower Bullocks.

The player must achieve 1 Star Level in Hogsport to unlock it. The Foundation’s diagnostic and therapeutic equipment will be upgraded as we complete the hospital’s goals.

This guide will walk you through everything related to Lower Bullocks in Two Point Hospital, including the best layout and Star Objectives for Lower Bullocks Hospital.

This guide will also cover how to manage staff morale and training tips for staff of Lower Bullocks in Two Point Hospital.

Best Layout For Lower Bullocks

An entrance including a reception, doctors’ offices, restrooms, and staff quarters is ideal. Then you prefer a diagnostics wing or wings with diagnostic rooms, GPs, restrooms, and staff rooms.

Additionally, you’ll need a treatment wing or wings to accommodate your treatment areas, restrooms, and staff quarters. Finally, you’ll need a commercial and training section with staff restrooms.

Lower Bullocks Star Objectives

The Star Objectives for Lower Bullocks in Two Point Hospital are the following:

1 Star Hospital

Star Objectives for 1 Star Hospital are:

  • Heal 3 Patients in Pans Lab
  • Get Hospital Level to 6
  • Owns 2 Building

You will get $10,000 and 100 Kudosh and unlock Flottering Hospital and Cardiology Room.

2 Star Hospital

Star Objectives for 2 Star Hospital are:

  • Upgrade 2 Machines
  • Get Hospital Level to 8
  • Owns 3 Building

You will get $20,000 and 150 Kudosh and unlock the Extract-a-Plan II machine.

3 Star Hospital

Star Objectives for 3 Star Hospital are:

  • Heal 20 Patients
  • Get Hospital Level to 10
  • Hospital Attractiveness of 65%
  • Cure Rate of 70%

You will get $30,000 and 200 Kudosh and unlock the Extract-a-Plan III machine.

Lower Bullocks Staff Training Tips

We have compiled a list of Staff Training Tips for Two Point Hospital Lower Bullocks below:

  • Training is utilized to enhance worker productivity and maintain hospitals’ normal functioning. Training enables new actions for all staff and enhances diagnosis and treatment abilities.
  • To begin a training session, tap on the lectern or place an appropriate staff person in the room. Once they are prepared, employees will also ask for training.
  • Pick the certification you desire employees to obtain in the training screen, choose a trainer, and choose the person you would like to enroll in this program. Press start when you are prepared.
  • When staff members begin their training, they will stop working. If all the cleaning staff are focused on acquiring new abilities, your hospital may begin to collapse in the trash.
  • Staff training is voluntary and subject to delay. Until you obtain the training license at Level 3, Flottering, training is not accessible. But, when activated, it becomes retroactively accessible for Lower Bullocks and Hogsport.
  • You’ll need a staff person with the expertise you would like to train or a visiting trainer, followed by a student who fits the criteria for the ability or certification you’re looking to fill.
  • For abilities that have not yet been acquired, you may also engage a training consultant, whose precise charge will vary depending on the certification level and the number of pupils, who will instruct at a constant rate of 160 percent.
  • Choose the former if offered the option to establish 2 small training rooms rather than one larger one. You shouldn’t train more than 4 people in the room at once, given how the system is designed.

Two Point Hospital Lower Bullocks Walkthrough

Start from small and expand as your progress through the game. At Lower Bullocks, the first room that will be unlocked is Psychiatry room. Just professionals with a psychiatry certification will be allowed to treat the patients in a psychiatry room.

After constructing a mental health facility, construct a Pan’s Lab and wait for a pandemic. If you notice doctors with treatment talents, employ them, and the first goal will be accomplished quickly.

Keep building up the facility to make more technologies available. We will have more room to build the hospital if we purchase an adjacent property.

Then, get your Hospital Level to 3 in addition to healing a patient in Psychiatry. That will earn you Drug Mixer II and EZ-Scan II. After that, upgrade any machine to unlock Pan’s Lab.

Lower Bullocks will encounter a different kinds of Illnesses and diseases, and a different kind of room may be required to cure a different kind of illness. For Headcrabedness and Lightheadedness, De-Lux Clinic is required.

For Bogwarts, Lycanthropy, Potty Mouth, Misery Guts, and Verbal Diarrhoea, Pharmacy Room is required.

Pan’s Lab is required for Pandemic, and for Jest Infection, Clown Clinic is required. For Jazz Hand, Lazy Bones, Monobrow, Bedface, Mucky Feet, and Portishead, Ward is required.

Psychiatry Room is required for Freudian Lips, Mock Star, Boggled Mind, Mime Crisis and Inflated Ego.

Finding a psychiatrist is sometimes not simple. Always keep an eye on your recruiting roster to make sure you can catch one as quickly as possible.

If you’re lucky enough to find a physician with a Psychiatry II or higher degree, hire them.

A GP should be hired. A general practitioner’s office psychiatrist would immediately shift his workplace to psychiatry once you submit the order.

All eligible psychiatrists must be hired. By doing this, you may allocate several physicians to different offices while avoiding work interruptions.

Constantly control the queues in the GP’s and Psychiatric offices. If overcrowding occurs, create another building of this type.

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