Two Point Hospital Croquembouche Guide

This Two Point Hospital guide dives into everything regarding Croquembouche, including the Best Layout, Star Objectives, Staff Training Tips

Croquembouche is easily the most challenging Hospital you’ll come across in Two Point Hospital, as it is the last Hospital. This guide has all the details which will help you through your journey in Croquembouche, including star objectives, staff tips, and walkthroughs.

Best Layout For Croquembouche

For the layout, you must build one room that serves two purposes, for example, in this case, Psychiatry, and the DNA Lab. And for your increasing number of Jest Infection and patients, build new rooms for this purpose in the new building.

This layout will help you expand efficiently while managing your increasing number of patients effectively. As far as the main building’s layout is concerned, just like other hospitals, it should consist of GPs and training rooms.

Croquembouche Star Objectives

1 Star Hospital


  • Cure 250 Patients
  • Cure Rate of 70%
  • Reputation of 70%
  • Hospital value of $2,500,000


  • $10,000
  • K100

2 Star Hospital


  • Cure 500 Patients
  • Cure Rate of 80%
  • Reputation of 80%
  • Hospital Value of $5,000,000


  • $20,000
  • K150

3 Star Hospital


  • Cure 1000 Patients
  • Cure Rate of 90%
  • Reputation of 90%
  • Hospital Value of $10,000,000


  • $30,000
  • K200

Croquembouche Staff Training Tips

This requires a training room, and the number of employees that can be trained depends on how many desks there are inside the room. You must select the qualification from the screen, send the employees into the rooms, and assign the trainer to the group.

By pressing the start button, the training will begin. There is an additional fee of $10,000 per trainee for a Guest Trainer. If the trainer is a staff member, the fee is waived.

Croquembouche: How to Manage Staff Morale

Good facilities and easy-to-follow policies can contribute to high staff morale. It is beneficial for their morale to have access to clean breakrooms with healthy food and beverages. It is essential to provide regular breaks and a decent salary to employees.

The staff can work more efficiently when a hospital is clean, well-decorated, and has a pleasant temperature. Placement of beds and decorations in prestige rooms can be beneficial.

How to Manage Croquembouche Reputation

Managing the reputation of this Hospital is very easy. All you need to do is start targeting specific diseases. This will help you lure more patients. As more patients come in, your reputation will grow as well.

Two Point Hospital Croquembouche Walkthrough

Don’t raise your Hospital’s level until you receive a good monthly profit, at least $40,000. Take the time to plan and imagine what your Hospital will look like. If you examine all the expandable plots, you will notice that your main plot is not the closest one to the street, meaning you must expand in the direction of the street and remember to build the helipad. Hiring more staff than you need is a good idea, so you will have staff available when you build additional rooms.

You may have completed all of the objectives except for Cure Rate. Several things can be done in such a situation: updating your machines, training your staff in the treatment, making sure your patients don’t die before they reach treatment, and as a last resort, sending all your patients home and micromanaging them so that the required proportion of patients will be cured.

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