How to Defeat Hierophant in Triangle Strategy

The fight against Hierophant needs focus and a clear strategy and can easily be one of the toughest battles in the game if you’re not prepared. In this guide, we’ll let you know how to defeat Hierophant in Triangle Strategy by outlining some key strategies you can use and things you need to watch out for.

How to Defeat Hierophant in Triangle Strategy

It is recommended that you take part in this battle at level 33. Moreover, try to spend as much currency as possible to buy accessories, recovery items, and upgrading units to increase your strength for the battle.

Hierophant Abilities

Hierophant is apparently a difficult enemy to handle, but if you stay focused throughout the fight then it shouldn’t be a problem for you guys. This creature depends mostly on automatons that come to its aid during the fight. Its skill to kill anyone with three or more TPs is dangerous, so you need to observe your TPs constantly.

The Divine Punishment spell that she casts at the very beginning can be deadly, so you need to make sure that your allies are scattered.

In this way, all your allies will not get killed at once. Although she would require some time to charge four TPs and launch this attack, you still need to be watchful when she is getting ready for this attack.

She can also summon dolls for her aid during the battle which requires three TPs as well. So, you can see that her strength depends on TPs completely. She is also immune to status ailments due to possession of Resist All passive skill.

Hyzantian Elite Battlemage can cast Thunderbird spell which deals with lightning-type magic damage in exchange of three TPs. However, it takes some time to reach you guys as Hyzantian mages are at a distance, but they are very damaging in nature.

Deal with additional enemies

Players should take care of enemies other than Hierophant as well. The enemies other than Hierophant include Hyzantian Blade x1, Hyzantian Elite Blade x1, Hyzantian Cavalry x2, Hyzantian Battlemage x2, Hyzantian Elite Battlemage x1, Hyzantian Elite Healer, Automaton x6. Your maximum party size can be 10.

The two best options to join your party in this battle are Erador and Hughette. Erador is quite good at defensive skills, so it can easily withstand the hits. You just need to make sure that he doesn’t get hit by one of the mages. Hits coming from the mages can kill him in one hit only.

Unit Placement

You can place Serenoa towards the left side and Erador right at the front. Soldiers going towards the left side are to be dealt with by Serenoa and Archibald here should join your party to deal heavy amount of damage to the distant automatons. However, remember that killing automatons will activate Last Resort which can kill the allies nearby the automatons at that time.

Benedict and Medica can provide Erador with some extra turns. Moreover, you can equip him with Fortifying Spice and do not let his HP fall below 25%.

Players need to surround the enemies that are coming at Erador, so he can get rid of them quickly.

On the other hand, Hughette can launch Shadowstitching Arrows against the melee enemies that are at a huge distance. This can be repeated two times at least and a maximum of three times if you have upgraded.

In this way, your allies can deal with the enemies at a small distance efficiently. Lionel can also be used to provoke distant enemies.

Defeat Automatons

If you are successful in defeating mages and automatons, then she will have to spend TPs to summon other aids to come and help her in the battle.

Spending more and more TPs means that she will have fewer chances to use Divine Punishment against you, thus it will increase your life.

Other than automatons, there is no other major source for Hierophant to deal damage. Hierophant can make use of automatons for once only whenever it gets the turn to do so.

Moreover, sometimes it will not be able to use it on every turn as well. However, automatons do cause heavy damage, so you should be watchful and try to beat them up as soon as possible.

Goddess can defeat an ally in a single hit only. Healing items will be useful here, so players should focus on the healing items more to deal with the Goddess. Taking Geela and Cordelia will be an excellent choice, as Geela applying Haste on her will allow her to heal the allies quickly.

Other mages like Frederica can also be useful, as they can deal damage to distant enemies quite effectively. So, try to target the enemies that are in groups so you can hit more of them at once. Make use of items like Firestones to deal heavy damage to the enemies in groups.

You don’t have to worry about other enemies if you defeat Hierophant. So, just focus on the above-mentioned tips to bring Hierophant down as soon as possible.

Once Hierophant is defeated in Triangle Strategy, Archduke Gustadolph will come with the news that Kamsell has been defeated and Minister Lyla has surrendered. So, the chapter comes to an end with this and the forces of Serenoa and Archduke Gustadolph emerge victorious.

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