How To Track Quests In Elden Ring

While Sites of Grace can be a useful source for telling you where to go sometimes, there is no specific way in Elden Ring to help you track those quests.

Games like Diablo 4 and Elden Ring require you to know the path of the story you chose. Keeping track of the questline of the game in your head can be confusing. Specific mechanics were explicitly developed for this reason.

Elden Ring offers Sites of Grace, which act as a checkpoint. Players can either rest at these sites to evade enemies they are not interested in fighting or to further the in-game time. Players can also choose to save their progress at these sites.

The sites of Grace linked to your main questline have a specific mechanic built into them. Every Site of Grace that you interact with, if it has any connection to your main Questline, it will point to an area through yellow light on the game map. The specific area where you are required to go will not be highlighted, but a general direction of heading will be provided through this mechanic. This way, you can keep track of your quests. There is no specific log book for your quests, but you can always use those arrows (light) to get a general idea of where you are.

The names of the sites also pop up if you hover your cursor over the site location. The names may be able to jog your memory about what quest you performed at the location. If not, you can always fast-travel to the location to check it out, as it only takes a few seconds on your console.

If you’re having trouble opening Elden Ring map on your console, try the X button on your Xbox controller or the Square button on your PlayStation controller.

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