Total War: Warhammer Dwarves Faction Guide – Best Units, Counters, Leaders

Total War: Warhammer Dwarves faction guide with tips on best dwarf faction units, how to play dwarves against other factions, leaders tips, legendary units.

In the early game, dwarves are easily one of the best factions in Total War: Warhammer. They are not only fairly decent in ranged combat, but can also hold off a direct charge. You need good relations with both humans and dwarves in order to do well in late game.

Dwarves are stouter and shorter than human, they do not forgive, and they most certainly do not forget. Once you have made an enemy of dwarves, your generations to come are doomed. However, do note that dwarves are not very agile – with the exception of a few – and are weak against elite cavalry.

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Total War: Warhammer Dwarves Guide

Our Total War: Warhammer dwarves guide details everything that you need to know about playing as dwarves in the game.

Army Roster

The first thing that you need to know is that Total War: Warhammer dwarves have access to infantry, missile infantry, artillery, and war machines. They do not have cavalry and do not use magic which is why have limited selection of heroes to choose from.

While they do not have a whole lot of categories, each available category offers a lot to choose from. Ironbreakers have the highest defense in the entire game along with bonus charge defense against all large or small units.

Their blast chargers can decimate enemy charges before they have a chance to hit your lines. Hammerers, on the other hand, have fairly high melee attack, weapon strength, and are high damage dealers.

Slayers are ideal for eliminating large units, they are agile for a dwarf, do not break, and deliver a deathblow upon dying. Coming to missile infantry, Thunderers are decent rear troops who perform fairly well from both long range and melee range.

Irondrakes are especial flamethrower-wielding troops that can burn units alive or deal high damage to large units with Trollhammer Torpedo variant.

Lastly, coming to artillery and war machine, there is something for every possible situation. Gyrocopter can flank enemies and shower steam on them. Their Brimstone Gun variants is ideal for eliminating large troops and have armor-piercing rounds.

Gyrobomb, on the other hand, has bombs that can be dropped manually.

General Tips and Strategies

Dwarves are extremely tough. There is no need to counter the charge. Just take it head on and let your ranged troops to clear enemies. With the exception of a few troops, dwarves do not really move and this is what you need to play around!

Stay in a formation, use your cannons, and have some distance between melee and ranged units. You need to protect your experienced troops at all costs – retreat in time to avoid getting annihilated! Lastly, instead of purchasing battering rams, go with miners and siege towers.

Against Other Factions

These are opposite of dwarves in almost every case. You need to let them attack you and then hit back. You need to make sure to wipe them and not let them rack victories.

They are the easiest troops you will need to deal with. They bring magic that you are immune against. You simply need to break their moral after which it is an easy win. They must close in the gap and bring loads of cavalry units to do anything.

In this case, you need to throw everything you have at the leader while keeping the troops pinned down. If monsters and fliers manage to get in, have your Quarrlers ready.

You need to get rid of their artillery unit ASAP and have slayers to deal with large troops. Furthermore, do not give into aggression and try to eliminate the leaders. You need to try and hit multiple positions with multiple units and force them to break their forces.

Humans have some of the best cavalry in the game and huge artillery, albeit of cheap quality. Furthermore, they have the weakest starting position.

Since there are very little chance of you being wiped out, you should try to pump funds into another human faction that they do not like or are at war with. Since you have better economy than human factions, you need to capitalize on it.

This can be something really frustrating or fun, depending on how the game progresses. You need to bring superior units and numbers and hope to kill their leader before they kill yours in order to secure an easy win.

Legendary Lords and Key Units

With High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, you get a set of Quarrlers and a Grudge Thrower along with decent base line bonuses. The hammers are pretty decent and he is good at reving economy. Ideally, this is the leader that you need to play with.

You definitely need a few of these for your defensive lines. Moreover, if you have a lot of cash, you can replace warriors with these guys.

These follow the same rule as Thunderers, but with a whole lot of moral damage and damage-over-time damage.

Gyrocopters are to dwarves what cavalry is to other factions. You need to buy them in pairs, harass/flank the enemy, or use them as excellent moral killers.

Flame Cannons
These are excellent moral crackers in the entire game. Do not fire it if there is a chance of it misfiring at your troops. In addition to moral, it can also damage and outright eliminate enemies.

These are the fastest units at your disposal and continue to fight till their last – they do not break. They can eliminate large units in almost no time and are excellent flankers.

This is all we have on Total War: Warhammer Dwarves guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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