Total War: Warhammer 2 Lizardmen Guide

Total War: Warhammer 2 Lizardmen Guide to help you learn all about their Economy, Diplomacy, Units, Vortex Campaign, Grand Campaign, and Technology Tree.

Lizardmen can be a difficult thing to figure out! This Total War: Warhammer 2 Lizardmen Guide will give you all of the basics along with numerous tips and tricks on how to use Lizardmen in the Vortex Campaign and then the Grand Campaign.

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Total War: Warhammer 2 Lizardmen

Before jumping to the Guide, let’s talk about the background of these reptilian Champions. Lizardmen live in the jungle climes, South of the World.

Generally, this isn’t one single race but different cold-blooded beasts united to achieve the Great Plan of the Old Once (master race who are worshipped by the Lizardmen).

Lizardmen In Battle Basics

During the battle, Lizardmen combine lines of slow yet a durable infantry, Saurus accompanied by some Skinks. Apart from this, they also have few monsters with them. They possess some of the most powerful spellcasters in the game; having access to the ore of High Magic, Lore of Light, Lore of Heavens and Lore of Beasts.

Below we have given the most versatile Lizardmen units in Total War: Warhammer 2:

Blessed Spawnings

Blessed Spawnings or the Special Spawnings are elite Lizardmen units. They have limited access and are only available in the campaign.

Rampaging units

This is a unique trait in the battlefield as not many units are capable of rampaging in a battle. Lizardmen units such as Saurus Warriors possess this ability. This trait provides the unit with stats bonuses along with an automatic engagement in melee towards the nearest adversary. Keep in mind that when rampaging, the unit loses control but doesn’t break instead flees.


Every Lizardmen unit possess an ability known as the Cold-Blooded. This ability increases a unit’s leadership and can be stopped during a unit’s rampage

Lizardmen Army Basics

Lizardmen are essentially beasts. It is best to divide your units into cheap skinks and sauruses/beasts for maximum effect. The Sauri can hold your lines and deliver the hammer blows whereas the Skinks can be used to flank the enemy, redeploy on the battlefield and do hit and run tactics.

You generally want your Lizardmen to get stuck deep in enemy lines. Try to utilize the Sauri against units that are slower than they are.

Chances are that your Lizardmen will frenzy which will make them deal incredible amounts of bonus damage but you will have no control over them – they will attack the nearest unit.

So make sure they are in behind enemy lines when they lose their control. Now just sit back and watch them wreak havoc.

Your skinks will usually run away and that is good, as they should be used to peel off enemy units from the main fight. The magic that you possess should be thrown around.

Try to use the time you have spent playing the game to see where the best place for throwing magic is. Remember that your magic is really long range and can be used to snipe enemy artillery, which is the one department where the Lizardmen lag behind everyone else.

Campaign Basics

Lizardmen are decently fast and have a ton of structures that are used to boost their abilities on the campaign map.

The best way to play with them is to perform ambushes and constantly keep moving around waging tons and tons of battles. Do not be afraid to break alliances for your personal gains when utilizing the Lizardmen.

It is best to use the geomantic web map to decide where to expand. Always try to expand in a place that has a geomantic nexus on it. Grab the territory and improve it as much as you can.

The more you control the Geomantic web, the more useful it becomes. Remember to always build upgrades for a province when you control it entirely.

The best Rite is the one of Ferocity. Use it to rapidly build up your armies as you wage war. Try to use the local province instead of the global province queue to save money.

You may lose some time, but you will be higher ranked and will have better units out of the gate along with a gigantic experience gain. The loot you will gain will also be admirable this way.

There are six playable faction in the campaign. Every faction is led by a different Legendary lord and have their own starting points.

Factions such as Hexoatl led by Lord Mazdamundi, Last Defenders led by Kroq-Gar, Tlaqua led by Tiktaq’to, Cult of Sotek led by Tehenhauin, Itza led by Gor-Rok, Spirit of the Jungle led by Nakai the Wanderer.

Apart from these playable factions, there are few NPC factions grouped as a part of the Lizardmen race. Sentinels of Xeti, Southern Sentinels, Teotiqua (Mortal Empires campaign), Tlaxtlan, Xlanhuapec (Eye of the Vortex campaign), Zlatlan.

The Eye of the Vortex campaign is where the Lizardmen battle to gain control of the Great Vortex by using Rituals. Nakai the Wanderer does not participate in the Great Vortex battle due to having a separate campaign.

Lizardmen Economy

Unlike the dwarf, Lizardmen are not really that economically dependent. The main way to push forward the economy of the Lizardmen is by the geomantic web and their structures. If you are going to focus on a province with your economy, it should be filled with Stone Markers and lodestones on their minor settlements.

Try to build any resource structure that you can, and always keep room in your capital for geomantic structures.

Lizardmen Technology Tree

Lizardmen are quite conservative from a technological standpoint. Rows are unlocked based on structures. There is not a huge need to pay attention to the Lizardmen Tech tree. Try to be flexible on what you research and it is best to have a plethora of different research avenues.

The absolute must haves are only the Scrying Pool, Shrine of the Old Ones and the Geomantic Pylon. This will also unlock research lines in the middle of the tree allowing you to fill out all of your research lines.

MazdaMundi’s Campaign

Your main focus should be on the Skeggi to your west and the Skaven to your North. You will need to reorder your capital province and the best way to do that is to build the underground lagoon followed by the monument to the old ones.

Defeating the Skeggi can be very easy. Clear them out of the Monolith of Fallen Gods and then buy a second Lord – commanding him to build up his forces.

Get MazdaMundi’s army out front and make sure you do not use the Auto-Battle, as you will lose silver ranked cavalry.

Get your second Lord’s army to snuff and start conquering Northern places. Get a hold of the settlements and then start building them up and get defensive enhancements.

Now you have to take out the Skeggi Capital. Send Mazamundi north to capture the last settlement in your primary province and then start building some defenses.

By around turn 25, you will have enough tablets to begin your first ritual. You will have to defend Choteck’s Causeway, the Ziguratte of Dawn and Hexoatl.

Destroy any armies that come your way and then send your second Lord to the south and west to expand your territory over there.

There is a chance that your Ziguratte of Dawn comes under attack so it might be worthwhile to buy a third Lord.

Lastly, knock out all of the Skaven to your North and take the province to turn it into an economic resource. Remember that Lizardmen require a lot of upkeep so it is a good habit to keep an eye on your income level.

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