Total War: Warhammer 2 Buildings Guide

Total War: Warhammer 2 Buildings Guide to help you learn all about different types of buildings in the game, how to build them, and best buildings.

In this Total War: Warhammer 2 Buildings Guide, we will guide on the Buildings that you can construct and upgrade in the Total War: Warhammer 2. There are a number of different types of buildings that you can construct in Warhammer 2.

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Total War: Warhammer 2 Buildings

We have included all the types of buildings and some tips and tricks on constructing these buildings in this Warhammer 2 Buildings Guide.

Constructing Buildings
You can construct a number of buildings in any settlement of a faction. There are two types of settlements. Small and Large Settlements. Small Settlements can only support buildings up to level 3 while large settlements can support buildings until the max level that is 5.

Only those factions can construct buildings in a settlement, which own them. They are essential in making your economy grow and increasing the size of the settlement. They also increase your income, allow new units to be recruited and improve your defenses.

To make new buildings available, you will require a construction slot. Once you have it, it will show you all the options of the buildings that you can construct at that moment. From here, you can choose the building, which you want to build and it will be added to the settlement.

Construction slots are unlocked when you upgrade your main building in the settlement. Main settlements can be upgraded to level five while smaller settlements can only upgrade to level three so when you are constructing a building, make sure it fills the necessary requirements.

A building that requires level 5 settlement for specific functions will not properly work in the level 3 settlement so you will need to move it later to a settlement with a higher level.

To counter this, you must think ahead and construct the building in the correct settlement the first time so you do not have to move them repeatedly. The buildings are upgraded using population surplus.

Your population surplus is governed by your growth. Growth is a combination of points earned by buildings, commandments, and technologies. They convert to Population Surplus when enough are gained which are in-turn used to upgrade buildings.

If you want a more detailed look at the buildings and information about them, you can click the building graph icon. This will show you the complete building chain along with their upgrades.

Always construct buildings that are necessary for your settlement first. Keep a lookout on your needs and construct buildings accordingly. For example, if you are running low on money, construct any building to get some money. Make sure you are good with building management, as it will help you in the campaign.

If you’re in need of some quick money, you can destroy a building for a cost of 1-2 turns.

Each horde army is allotted 10 slots for buildings. In order to construct buildings, Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen have to put their horde armies into encamped stance.

For horde factions, you mostly require population surplus to construct buildings and to recruit a unit into the building that you construct, you must make sure that the building corresponds to that specific unit.

Wood Elves
This faction has a very unique settlement system which has a direct impact on what buildings you can construct with this faction and where

Types of Buildings

There are different types of buildings that you can construct in Warhammer 2.

  • Resource Buildings – They help you gather different resources
  • Basic Military Buildings – They help you recruit more battle units
  • Advanced Military Buildings – Allow you to make use of Faction specific abilities, increases recruitment capacity and allows you to recruit special units.
  • Defense Buildings – Defend your settlement when you are away with these defensive structures.
  • Infrastructure Buildings – Vital buildings necessary for running a settlement. They will build your economy, garrison, growth, income and public order
  • Ports buildings – Increases growth and income, provides trade routes to other faction that have ports on the same sea.
  • Damaged buildings – Neither provides any bonuses nor allows recruitment. Repairing it costs 1 turn and a handful of money.
  • Vandalism – Harmful buildings that result from the sack of a settlement by Greenskins, Warriors of chaos, Norsca and Beastmen.
  • Ruins – To colonize a ruin building, the whole settlement has to be rebuilt
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