Torchlight 2 Easter Eggs Locations Guide

Find out where to look for all the Easter Eggs in Torchlight 2.

Torchlight 2 is a thoroughly engrossing game, and it is also chock full of references to pop culture and several other games. All these little tidbits are very cleverly hidden, and in this guide, we will help you locate these hidden references and Torchlight 2 Easter Eggs.

Torchlight 2 Easter Eggs Locations

Be warned, from here onward, this is going to be a full-on spoiler mode. If you insist on finding these references and Easter Eggs anyway, let’s dive headfirst into the first Easter egg.

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Minecraft is huge. This indie game has managed to find its way into other games, a testament to its massive fan-following acknowledged by several developers. Like all of them, Torchlight 2 also pays homage to Minecraft by having a dungeon in the game called ” The Notch Mine.”

To access the Notch mine wait until you reach the act 3. During Act 3, you will be asked to go to Sundered Battlefield. Once you reach the battlefield, go to its northern edge. There, you will find the entrance to a dungeon called “The Notch Mine.”

This is a very small dungeon, and it is brimming full of creepers you normally find in Minecraft. At the end of the cave, you will find a treasure chest, and in it will be a unique weapon called “The Iron Sword.”


The Princess Bride
While transcending through the Blight in Act 3, you will encounter bursts of fire erupting from the ground. This whole scene is reminiscent of the Fireswamp found in Rob Reiner’s classic, The Princess Bride.

The Goonies
Early in the game after finding a Lantern in the Temple Steppes, you will come across a dungeon called Plunder Clove. In the cave, you can find the body of “Chester Cobblepot” who will have an item on him called ” One Eyed Willy’s Other Eye.”

Pitch Black
In the Salt Barrens, you will come across a set of chimneys like rock formations. When you get close to them; they will spew out black winged monsters just like in the Vin Diesel film called ” Pitch Black.”

Silence Of The Lambs
There is a dungeon full of bandits in the Frosted Hills. Inside the cave, you will find a bucket on a rope. Clicking on the bucket pops up a message of “Put the lotion in the bucket.”

Look for a lotion nearby and grab it, and click on the bucket again to discover “Buffalo Bill’s Hide Mask,” a reference to the serial killer in the movie who would cut off women’s skin to wear.

The Thing
In the Frosted Hills, there is a special dungeon called “The Thing”; in it, you can find a book with notes from Blair, a character in the film.

You will also come across a boss called “Netherfiend,” a reference to the villain in the movie who could take human forms after killing them.

You can get a key to the “Kennel,” with more wolves inside that also turn into Netherfiends, a reference to the transforming monster dog in the movie. Lastly, you can find a firearm called ” Macready’s Shotgun,” a reference to Kurt Russell’s character.

Borderlands 2
Claptrap, the one-wheeled and one-eyed robot from Borderlands 2, can be found while completing the quest in the Scrap works.

Resident Evil 4
An early vendor resembles the stranger from Resident Evil 4, opening his jacket to reveal his wares in a similar manner.

Lord Of The Rings
There is a ring called “Ring of the Lords” with a description of “The Brotherhood of Lords formed to protect this one ring.”

Blair Witch Project
There is a symbol from Blair Witch Project in front of Cacklespit’s house.

There is a dragon shrine surrounded by dragon bones that gives you a buff when you activate it. On the shrine, there are markings that look exactly like the dragon language in Skyrim.

Monty Python
You can do a quest called “Bring out your dead”. The name taken from the classic scene in the Monty Python Holy Grail film.

Army of Darkness
This easter egg is for you Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi fans. You can find a rare shotgun called “Boomstick”, which fans of the Evil Dead trilogy can recognize as Ash’s signature weapon. Even the text description reads, “Listen up you primitive screwheads!”

If you have come across any other Easter Eggs in Torchlight 2, share with us by commenting below!

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