Torchlight 2 Berserker Skill Tree Guide

A detailed breakdown of Berserkers Skill Trees and levels at which you unlock them in Torchlight 2.

Torchlight 2 Berserker Skill Tree are the hunter tree, which powers up melee attacks, the tundra tree, which grants bonuses to his magic and the Shadow tree, which helps him channel animal spirits to assault his enemies.

The Berserker class in Torchlight 2 is exactly what you’d expect, with your character focusing on doing as much damage as possible until everything on the screen stops twitching.

For more help on Berserker in Torchlight 2, read our Class Guide and Berserker Builds.

Torchlight 2 Berserker Skill Tree

Hunter Skill Tree
Eviscerate (Level 1): You inflict damage on your opponents and also cause them to bleed for 6 seconds causing even more damage. Range is 2.7 meters with 120 degree damage arc. Mana cost: 11.

Blood Hunger (Level 1): Life steal; each critical strike steals 5% of your maximum health. Always Active.

Howl (Level 7): You howl causing your enemies to slow down and be vulnerable for several seconds. The damage bonus from Howl is applied after your entire damage is calculated. Mana Cost: 11.

Executioner (Level 7): Increase the ferocity of two-handed weapons. When executed successfully charge increases at a greater rate. Always Active.

Raze (Level 14): You hit successive upper cuts and with each successful one your power grows. It doesn’t generate any charge or deal any AOE damage. Can be interrupted and increases your damage by 5% for 2 seconds. Mana Cost: 11

Rampage (Level 14): After each kill, you have 4% chance of entering rampage giving 25% boost to the following: Attack speed, Movement Speed and Cast Speed. Always Active.

Wolf Strike (Level 21): Simple Dash you lunge forward inflicting damage with a 33% chance of stunning opponents and causing a knockback. Mana cost: 11

Battle Rage (Level 28): Your damage increases in harmony with the number of enemies in the 4 meter radius around you. 3% additional damage for a single enemy in the 4 meter radius around you. Having something like +40% all damage from Battle Rage is really equivalent to having an extra 80 Strength or Focus. Mana Cost: 10.

Rapture (Level 35): Knock a single enemy back and cause it to explode after 4 seconds. Mana cost: 14. There is 50% chance of stunning targets as well. Mana cost: 14

Battle Standard (Level 35): Enhances your and your allies evasion, boost to resistance knockbacks, both these effects last for 4 seconds and rate of gaining charge in your charge bar increases while in its 9 meter radius. Mana Cost: 9.

Ravage (Level 42): Triple strikes dealt to all foes in 4 meter radius. Enemy armor rating is reduced with each strike. Can be used to interrupt enemies. Mana Cost: 17.

Tundra Skill Tree
Frost Breath (Level 1): It Immobilizes enemies and makes them vulnerable. Has a range of 5 meters with a 90 degree damage arc. Mana cost: 12.

Cold Steel Mastery (Level 1): It Adds ice damage to your weapons. 6% ice damage, +2% to physical damage. Always active.

Storm Claw (Level 7): Deals lightening damage to a foe and other nearby targets to the foe too by a 50% chance. It only triggers off auto-attacks, unless you have godly gear that can support dual-wielding your way through Elite difficulty. Mana cost: 15.

Shatter Strom (Level 7): When you kill frozen enemies, you have a chance to blast nearby enemies. 100% chance of immobilizing them for 3 seconds and 5% chance of freezing them for 10 seconds. Always Active.

Storm Hatchet (Level 14): Throws lightening axes with range of up to 15 meters. Each successful hit adds 5% to the charge bar. Mana Cost: 9.

Rage Retaliation (Level 14): When you are struck by a nearby enemy, your inner rage physically manifests and retaliates against that foe. Damage is equal to 120% of your weapon’s DPS, but you can only do this once every 2 seconds. Always active.

Northern Rage (level 21): Throws shards of ice at enemies causing them to knockback and deal 10 ice damage.80% chance of freezing enemies and 15% chance of breaking their shields. Mana cost: 17.

Ice Shield (Level 28): Block projectiles guided towards you. Shield lasts for 10 seconds and sometime if you make a successful block 10% of your charge bar is filled up. Mana cost: 16.

Permafrost (Level 35): AoE damage of a radius of 16 meters. It has last for 10 seconds. Mana cost: 13.

Glacial Shatter (Level 42): The earth is ripped apart, and 5 geysers erupt at the target. Causing them to get knocked back and interrupted. Deals 10 ice damage. Can possibly blind enemies for 5 seconds. Mana cost: 10.

Shadow Skill Tree
Shadow Burst (Level 1): Transform into a wolf and lunge forward. When you strike enemies, you gain health. 5% for 2 enemies struck. and when maxed, it can heal up to 60%. Using Shadow Burst effectively makes the Berserker nearly invulnerable even on the highest difficulties. Mana cost: 9.

Frenzy Mastery (Level 1): This is acquired when your charge bar is full. Increases the duration of your frenzy states. Always Active.

Wolf Shade (Level 7): Summon a shade wolf to fight by your side. Mana cost: 25.

Shred Armor(Level 7): Damage other peoples armor and with each successful increase, your own armor stats. Always Active.

Shadow bind (Level 14): You bind a group of enemies in 5 meter radius. Attacking any single one of these enemies will cause the others to sustain damage too. The amount of damage dealt to shadowbound enemies is based on your weapon’s DPS. Mana cost: 5.

Red Wolf (Level 14): Whenever you land a critical strike on an enemy up to 2 neighboring enemies can be dealt damage too. Always Active.

Savage Rush (Level 21): With this skill, you dash through your enemies making them bleed transformed as a wolf. It adds 20% to your movement speed. The bleeding does 10 physical damage over 5 seconds. Mana cost per second: 12.

Wolf pack (Level 42): Summon 5 wolves to fight with you. Mana cost: 19.

Chain Snare: With Chain Snare you spear all enemies within six meters, you draw them swiftly into melee range. When the enemies are pulled closer, it damages them and also stuns them for a few moments in which you can easily prepare and attack them with your moves.

Battle Standard: The ancient standard of your tribe imbues you and your allies with increased evasion, resistance to knockback, and increased charge gain while within its influence

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