Tomb Raider Well of Tears Puzzle Walkthrough Guide

The Well of Tears is the third tomb that Lara Croft can raid in Tomb Raider. It can be accessed as soon as you reach Shantytown.

The entrance to the tomb is located in the southern part of Shantytown. You can find it in a shack with skulls and red candles. Activate Survival Instincts to observe the weak wooden planks on the ground. Use the Rope Arrow to detach it, revealing a passage.

The Well of Tears is a fairly simple tomb to raid. The only trouble (if a trouble at all) is finding it and following the longish path to the day camp.

Requirements: You’ll need Rope Arrows and the Climbing Axe to go through the tomb.

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Well of Tears Walkthrough
Follow the revealed path under the shack with all those freaky hand prints. After going through some narrow rock closures, you’ll be in an open area with the day camp fire.

There’s a platform hanging next to the day camp that is slightly beyond your reach. There’s also a balcony to the left of the platform, which is where you have to go.

There are a few canisters lying here and there in the area. Gather three of them, and throw them on the platform. Make sure they land and stay there, or you’ll have to grab them again and throw them.

Wait for the platform to reach the ground, and then jump on it. Oddly enough, a smart looking girl like Lara is too heavy for the platform – it’ll go down to the lower area. Once there, take a canister and toss it out.

Exit the platform, and let it rise up. Go back up to the day camp area, and wait for the platform to raise so it’s close to the balcony but just low enough for Lara to reach. Jump on it, and quickly jump again to grab the edge of the balcony.

Climb up, and follow the pathway to find your treasure chest.

Experience Reward: 1250 XP

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