Tomb Raider XP and Salvage Farming Guide To Unlock Shopaholic

In this Tomb Raider guide we show you an easy way to reach the level cap rapidly, as well as a way to unlock all characters, upgrades and prestige quickly.

Grinding all the way up to the level cap in a multiplayer game can be an exhausting. Starting out can be rough, being unable to access the really good perks and loadouts that all the experienced players have already. Thankfully, it seems that the developers of Tomb Raider have included a rather thoughtful little exploit that lets you hit that cap a lot faster (and nets you a bunch of achievements too).

Alright so first off, the achievement you can unlock is called ‘Shopaholic’. You get this by purchasing all the characters and upgrades. The method I am about to explain allows you to farm both Salvage and Experience, but keep in mind that once you do a prestige at the level cap you’ll lose all your weapons and their upgrades, so it’s best to wait until the third prestige before you do your shopping (you need to be lvl 58 on the 3rd prestige to unlock the General).

So now for the method itself. Start a 20 minute game of Rescue (a solo game is preferred), and pick the Survivors side. In the match settings, change the Medkits to Retrieve option to the max setting. When selecting your perks, take Second Wind (if you have it) and Advanced Looting.

Now when the match begins, run around collecting Medkits as fast as you can and dropping them off at the designated area for exp and salvage. The medkits can spawn at random locations but the dropoff point will be the same every time, it’s somewhere near the spawn point.

When the round ends you’ll switch sides to the Soralii, but as you’re the only person in the game there are no Survivors to kill. Exit the match (there shouldn’t be a penalty) and start another one. Rinse and repeat for infinite salvage and max level.

This method gets you a little under 30k XP and approximately 2k-4k salvage on each match. For more help on Tomb Raider, read our Challenges, Collectibles and Tombs Walkthrough Guide.

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