Thymesia How To Get Forgotten Feathers To Respec

Thymesia has only three talent trees to level up, meaning that you can just throw around your skill points without any concern during the early game. However, come mid or late game, you will start considering rectifying some of your earlier talents.

Fortunately, you can respec your stats and talents in Thymesia. Unfortunately, respecing in the game requires a very rare item called Forgotten Feather. These are not easy to come by.

The following will hence show you the best way to farm Forgotten Feathers to respec your character in Thymesia.

How To Farm Forgotten Feathers

The only way to obtain Forgotten Feathers in Thymesia is to defeat the bosses at the end of each level such as Odur and the Hanged Queen. Do note again that this is the final boss of each level and not a mini-boss or an elite enemy.

Defeating an end-of-level boss will get you only one Forgotten Feather. However, you can go back to fight and kill every boss over and over again. You will still get a single Forgotten Feather though, so you will have to defeat the same boss 10 times to get 10 Forgotten Feathers.

Odur, in this case, is the best boss to farm for Forgotten Feathers. Being the first boss of the game, Odur has the lowest health pool and he also does lesser damage compared to the other bosses. Furthermore, his Sea of Trees level is short enough to be completed within a couple of minutes provided that you have unlocked all of the necessary shortcuts.


In theory, you can farm a minimum of five Forgotten Feathers in an hour this way. Running Sea of Trees will also give you an opportunity to farm Rosemary, an incredibly rare ingredient, for your potions.

How To Respec In Thymesia

Once you have a Forgotten Feather, it is time to respec your stats and talents. Either go to Aisemy or rest at any beacon in the game. Then simply select “Use Forgotten Feather” to respec. This can be done at any point in the game as long as you are not in combat or running a quest.

Just make sure that you are not wasting your respec points. Forgotten Feathers are rare and difficult to farm, so plan your builds ahead of time.

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