Thymesia Where To Get Rosemary

Rosemary is one of many ingredients that you will have to find while dealing with the diseased and dead in Thymesia.

It is used to create potions like Pain Relief which reduces damage intake by 10 percent and Four Thieves Vinegar which increases maximum health by 100 percent.

Unfortunately, Rosemary can be difficult to find because of its extremely low drop rate. The following guide will hence make your ingredient hunt a bit easier by pointing out how and where you can farm Rosemary in Thymesia.

Best Rosemary Farming Spot In Thymesia

Rosemary is one of the rarest ingredients to find in Thymesia. It can only be looted from one type of enemy: the mutated female with spikes/branches on her back and an ugly dagger in her hand.

These enemies can be found throughout the game, albeit not around every corner. There is, however, a mere 1 percent chance that the dagger-wielding spiked enemies are going to drop a Rosemary upon death.

That low drop rate chance is why farming Rosemaries in the game is so difficult. You can improve your chances by unlocking all talents in the talent tree that increase item drop rates. There are three such talents that can be found in the Strategies branch of the talent tree.


With your improved drop rate chance, it is time to start farming these mutated females in the Sea of Trees biome. The reason is that the main and side quests of this biome have the most amount of these mutated female enemies. Hence, further boosting your Rosemary drop rate chances.

The best farming spot in Thymesia is probably the second beacon in the Sea of Trees biome which you will reach as part of the first sub-quest in the area. Make your way to the second beacon and defeat or ignore the spear-wielding enemy. Instead, look to the other side of the room to find the dagger-wielding spiked Rosemary-dropping enemy.

Kill her and see if she drops a Rosemary. If not, return to the beacon and rest before killing her again. Keep repeating this until you have heaps of Rosemaries in your inventory.

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