Thymesia How To Unlock Fast-Acting Potion

Thymesia has a rather clever potion-making system. You have the option to combine various ingredients to unlock special effects. You also have the option of upgrading your potions to make them even more potent.

It all starts with the main three types of potions in Thymesia, which you must first unlock by killing a specific boss. The Fast-Acting potion, for example, requires you to defeat the grotesque, Hanged Queen.

The following guide will hence start out by explaining how to defeat the Hanged Queen before noting what the benefits of the Fast-Acting potion are in Thymesia.

How To Defeat The Hanged Queen

You will find the Hanged Queen in the Royal Gardens, which is the second level you will run in Thymesia.

She has only one phase and compared to Odur, her attacks are actually easier to dodge because nearly all of them have a noticeable tell and you have a fairly good dodge window.

The only problem is that the Hanged Queen keeps healing herself even during attacks. Hence, you need to be locked on to her at all times.


The Hanged Queen Attack Moves

Jump Slam: She jumps high to come back down on you with a slam. While the hit-box of this attack is as large as her, you can still dodge at the last second to take no damage from the attack. You, in fact, will have roughly two seconds to deal damage yourself as the Queen recovers.

Wing-Arm Slam: She slams her left wing-arm on you before dragging her claws back for a second attack. You can easily dodge this attack the moment you see the Queen raise her left wing.

Bite: She lunges forward for a quick bite attack. This is one attack that actually deals little damage. You can still, however, move out of the way or parry.

Scream: She uses her wings to create a gust of wind that can stun you for a second. She then flies into the air to scream at you, which is a projectile in the shape of a wind attack. You can dodge this by moving forward and then deal damage to the Queen when she comes back down.

Heal: She creates another gust of wind but this time, she will heal for around 25-30 percent. It is important that you quickly rush in to attack her to reduce the amount of health she gains back. There is, however, nothing you can do to interrupt the healing animation.

Ultimate: Her ultimate attack is an explosion that wreaks havoc on the arena with massive damage. There is no way to dodge this attack except to run away as far as possible. You will know the ultimate attack is coming when the Queen jumps into the air and wraps her wings around herself.

What Does Fast-Acting Potion Do?

Once you have defeated the Hanged Queen, you can teleport all the way back to Philosopher’s Hill to receive the Fast-Acting potion.

This potion does not heal as much as the other potions, but you can drink it faster to save time during heated battles. Furthermore, you will still have two more potions on your belt, so having a Fast-Acting potion for a quick heal could help you survive.

The Fast-Acting potion heals for 175 health and can be used a maximum of eight times.

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