Thymesia Combat Tips & Tricks

Being a Souls-like game, it becomes necessary to master the combat mechanics in order to survive in Thymesia. It also...

Being a Souls-like game, it becomes necessary to master the combat mechanics in order to survive in Thymesia.

It also becomes necessary because while Thymesia takes from the Souls games, it also introduces some new combat systems that warrant attention.

The following guide will help you understand how to defeat enemies quickly and efficiently in Thymesia. These tips and tricks are going to prove vital on your journey in the game.

How To Master Thymesia’s Combat Mechanics

Below we’ve arranged all the Thymesia Combat Tips & Tricks that will surely help you survive for the longest when facing numerous obstacles.

Deflect over Dodge

There are two defensive approaches in Thymesia. You can either dodge or deflect attacks. Both sound good on paper. However, you will quickly realize that deflecting has more merits than dodging.

The problem with dodging in the game is that overdoing it against high-level enemies will likely catch you off-guard. Most of the late-game bosses have long combos. Even if you dodge the first two attacks, the third attack in the combo is likely to get you. This is because dodging has long recovery frames and you will likely get trapped in the dodge animation if you spam them at the wrong time.

Deflecting on the other hand has no such issues. You only need to learn to time your deflections to negate all damage from the incoming attack.

Just remember that you cannot deflect critical attacks. These will flash green to warn you beforehand. You will have no choice but to dodge these attacks.

Switch between Sabre and Claw

Sticking with either one of them for the duration of the fight is going to get you killed. You need to understand that each of them serves a single purpose and hence, they need to be equipped at the right time for maximum damage.

The Sabre is used to open up enemy wounds. The Claw on the other hand is used to deal tons of damage to enemies only after their wounds have been exhausted.

Hence, you need to always switch between your weapons to take down enemies quickly and efficiently. Use the Sabre strikes to devastate their wounds and then switch to the Claw to eat away at their health.

Never stop attacking

Enemies in Thymesia have two health bars (white and green) instead of just one. You have to first target their white health by inflicting wounds. This reduces their damage. Once the white health bar is gone, you must deplete the green health in order to execute them. However, be late and enemies are going to heal themselves up based on their plague abilities.

This is where the aforementioned Sabre and Claw combo comes into play and why you need to relentlessly attack enemies.

Use Plague weapons

In Thymesia, Plague weapons are the ultimate form of attack. They require a lot of investment for upgrades but are necessary against overpowered enemies and bosses.

Do not make the mistake of saving your Plague weapons. Use them when you need to. That includes either of their two forms: Reaved attacks which can you steal from enemies, and Equipped attacks which are fairly more powerful. Reaved weapons are free to use. Equipped weapons though cost energy.

Avoid ultimate attacks

Every boss has an ultimate attack in the game. These attacks can neither be dodged nor deflected. There is also no way of interrupting them.

Thankfully, bosses tend to have a long windup animation for their ultimate attacks. When you see them flash red, move out of the way. In fact, run to the opposite end of the arena.

Ultimate attacks do a lot of damage. There is no reason to rush in. You will likely lose your entire health bar if not your life.

Find the right time to drink Potions

Thymesia has a unique take on potions. There are three types of potions that you can drink, each filling up your health. The trade-off is that each potion takes time to drink and heal. You cannot move while drinking a potion and hence, standing still during a boss fight is likely going to get you killed.

You will have to keep an eye out for windows of opportunity. When you see one, ignore the boss and choose to drink a potion.

Find and kill all Generals

Generals are incredibly hard mini-bosses to defeat in the game. You will, however, need to hunt them all down because they drop Alchemy Enhancers and Plague Weapons to upgrade your potions and give you a massive weapon damage boost respectively.

Taking down Generals in the early-mid game will make the game much easier to cope with.

Evenly invest in all skill trees

Thymesia has three skill trees: Strength, Vitality, and Plague. It is important to spread your stats evenly across all three trees to reap the most advantage.

Do not make the mistake of focusing on just one tree because that will make enemies feel more powerful than normal. You are likely going to have a hard time staying alive even if you max out your survival talents.

Strength increases your melee weapon damage. Plague improves your claw abilities. Vitality boosts your survival abilities. The trick is to first invest at least 10 points in all three threes. You can then decide to focus on either Strength or Plague depending on your playstyle.

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