Thymesia How To Parry With Daggers & Feathers

Thymesia would not be a souls-like game if players were not able to parry attacks. The brutal nature of the game encourages you to not only counter but also dodge enemies instead of rushing in without any strategy.

Thymesia, however, has a little different parry system in place. There are two ways to parry attacks in the game, each suitable for different situations. Hence, you will not just have to mash a single button to stay alive.

The following guide will teach you how to parry in Thymesia.

How To Perform A Dagger Parry

The parry system in Thymesia is more of a traditional kind. You need to press L1 or F on your controller or keyboard respectively to whip out a small dagger that will deflect the enemy’s attack.

Note that you can mash the parry button in certain cases where you are being bombed with a series of attacks. However, you will mostly need to parry the moment you are about to get hit with an attack. This is important because some enemies do deadly combos and you will fail to parry the follow-up attacks without matching your timing.

Precision is key here and when you have it, you will have mastered parrying in Thymesia.


There is also a defensive stance that you can unlock in your talent tree in the game. Using the defensive stance reduces all incoming damage. If you are finding it hard to parry, you might want to unlock the defensive stance to stay alive.

Note that there are certain attacks in Thymesia that cannot be parried. These are red attacks that the late-game enemies will be using. You will not have to fear them in the early and mid portions of the game.

How To Perform A Feather Parry

The second type of parry sees you throwing feathers at enemies. You have three to start with and they regenerate over time, so do not be concerned about wasting them.

You can throw feathers to parry by pressing L2 or Left Ctrl on your controller or keyboard respectively.

It is important to note that the feather parry system only works on enemies who are glowing green. Timing this parry might also be challenging compared to the dagger parry system. This is because you must take into consideration the time it takes for your feathers to land on the enemy.

The tutorial of the game will give you a good opportunity to practice parrying. Make sure to use that to get a feel of your feathers.

How To Upgrade Parries

In their raw form, the dagger and feather parries are quite underpowered; especially if you compare them to the parries you can perform in other souls-like games.

Something unique about Thymesia is that you can actually upgrade your parries to make them function in the exact way you want them to. To do so, you’ll need to unlock new talents to change the timing and damage of your parries.

For the dagger parry, you can use talents to increase its timing window. However, doing so will naturally decrease the damage you give back to the enemy with it.

If you’ve completely mastered the dagger parry, you can also choose to decrease the timing window to increase its damage. The damage increase is quite significant, so it’s well worth it to master the timing.

As for the feather parry, your character in Thymesia only holds three feathers. These feathers regenerate over time, but having only three of them is very inefficient. Luckily, talents allow you to increase both the number of feathers you can hold and the rate of feather recovery. This will make your feather parry much more reliable during battles.

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