Thymesia How To Unlock Plague Weapons

While Talents in Thymesia decides the style in which your character plays by determining the abilities and passives to the main combat style, Plague weapons tend to provide a second weapon and are complex to use.

Plague weapons once summoned can be used for a single attack and then it all has to go through a cooldown duration. Plague weapons play a decisive role when you cannot equip a new weapon and this Thymesia guide explains how can you get and use them.

How To Unlock Plague Weapons

The players can get access to Plague Weapons pretty early in Thymesia as they might be able to get some Skill Shards during the Seas of Trees mission. The enemies would be carrying a Knife, a Handaxe, and a Halberd and there will be a good chance that they drop the skill Shards associated with the weapons.

Once you have access to three Skill Shards, go to a Beacon or the table across from the bed at Philosopher’s Hill. See for exclamations on the nodes after you go to the Plague Weapons Screen.

A video about the weapon will be shown to you and you’ll get to know about the weapon. After the video ends, you can unlock the weapon by spending three Skill Shards. The weapon can be equipped by pressing E on PC and X on Xbox.

Players can unlock all the 30 Plague Weapons by getting three Skill Shards that are specific to each weapon. These Skill Shards can be acquired from boss fights. After getting the shard, purchase the weapon that you desire. It is always good to upgrade a weapon after getting it as it reduces its cooldown time and energy with an increase in its damage and buffs.


How To Use Plague Weapons

When in a fight where you need to use the Plague Weapon, press Q on PC, Y on Xbox, and the triangle on the Playstation. After the weapon is summoned, it depletes your Energy Bar and you’ll have to wait for the cooldown period to use them again. The ability to summon two Plague weapons can also be unlocked after using the Plague Weapon Level 2 Talent.

There’s another and more desirable method of using a Plague Weapon. It is to Reave a weapon from your enemy and put them to good use. These weapons are also available for a limited time and are destroyed after that. Therefore, you must use them during that short duration. This also gives you an idea of the weapon and whether it would be a good match for you or not.

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