There’s A Team Of 10 Writers Behind Cyberpunk 2077, Imagine The Narrative Depth

The narrative team of Cyberpunk 2077 consists of 10 writers according to recent info. This gives us a sense of how important that is to CD Projekt RED.

CD Projekt RED is one of those video game developing companies that value narrative a bit more than others. We’ve already seen the extent of their precision in this aspect with The Witcher 3 but it seems like Cyberpunk 2077 will mark another record of narrative depth for the industry in general. According to a writer in the company, the game has 10 writers at the moment, all doing their best to make it fit into the pen and paper version of the Cyberpunk world.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine, Stanisław Święcicki, a writer at CD Projekt RED, talked about the team in charge of the narrative segment of Cyberpunk 2077, pointing out the importance of it:

At the beginning it’s like all the team sort and on a higher level it’s decided what’s the direction. And then we come up with sort of a story outline so to speak – a very bird’s eye view of how the story progresses. The narrative is key at CD Projekt RED. I like to say narrative is key, rather than story is key. Because it all comes down to all the narrative teams really working closely.

According to him, taking the tabletop version of Cyberpunk and using it to create a new, more detailed world with relationships and a visual representation of it is key in making Cyberpunk 2077 successful. He gives the creation of the gangs in the game as an example to reveal that the villains won’t be comic book-esque ones, but will instead be humans that seek their true identities in a world filled with cyberware and corporations.

Cyberpunk 2077 still has no release date, but it is expected to launch sometime in the next two years. The hopeful thing is that CD Projekt RED has begun talking more about the game, since its promotion period has begun and what we find out on a daily basis makes us anticipate even more for its launch.

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