How To Dye Armor In The Witcher 3

Change the color of your Witcher Gear to get a fresh appearance.

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC brings in the feature that allows you to dye your armor. You will find dyes while progressing in the game through activities like completing quests, killing enemies, buying from merchants, etc.

You can even craft dye for your armor if you have the dye diagram. However, these diagrams are unavailable from the start, and you must reach Toussaint first in the Blood and Wine DLC. After reaching Toussaint, you can find diagrams for multiple dye colors.

If you are looking for a specific dye color diagram and having trouble finding it, don’t worry; I will cover it for you.

Where to Find Dye Diagrams in The Witcher 3

As I have mentioned above, dyes can be acquired in several ways. You can find the dye merchant in Beauclair while moving along the harbor and purchase them from him.

But getting the Dye Diagrams and crafting dyes by following the recipe is the guaranteed method of getting the dye color you want. Below, I have covered where you can find the dye diagrams for different colors.

Black Dye

You need to head over to the northwest edge of Toussaint and find the formula inside a treasure chest in the ruins of a castle.

Purple Dye

In order to get this dye, you need to accept The Tufo Monster contract, accept the key to the basement, and open up the treasure chest inside the basement to get the formula.

White Dye

You must head inside Mont Crane Castle in The Witcher 3 and go to the stronghold’s topside. Once you get there, you must open a strongbox to get the formula inside.

Blue Dye

You can find the Blue Dye diagram underwater inside a chest. To find the chest, locate a boat southwest of Belgaard Vineyard, and you will find it right under it.

Pink Dye

This one is also located inside Monte Crane Castle. Once you are there, you need to find Hansa Stronghold there. After getting there, head over to the courtyard and use Keira’s’ Lamp on the left-hand side. After heading through the secret wall, head down the stairs and find the formula.

Gray Dye

You must accept and start A Knight’s’ Tale contract to get this dye. While completing the quest, you will be asked to search the hut. You need to check the drawer to find the dye.

Brown Dye

You need to enter a monster den to find this Dye diagram in The Witcher 3. You will find this location northwest of Fox Hollow.

Green Dye

To find the Green dye, you must head inside Fort Ussar and to the area where Slyzards is. Once you arrive, you must loot the nearby treasure chest to find the dye diagram inside.

Yellow Dye

You need to head inside the cemetery in Beauclair, inside the crypt, and continue along the narrow alleyway to find it near some skeletons.

Turquoise Dye

To find the crafting formula of Turquoise armor dye in The Witcher 3, you must head northwest from the Arthach Palace Ruins. There, you spot a white tent that has a sack behind it with the crafting recipe.

Orange Dye

Head east from the Coronata Vineyard, and you will get to a bridge. Just before the bridge is a ditch. Enter it to collect the diagram from a cart.

Red Dye

The final dye that you can find in the game is located near the lake around Dun Tynne Crossroads. Once you are there, head inside the cave and continue ahead. You will find the red dye formula inside the box near the bed.

If you don’t want to put in any effort, you can use the console command below to get the dye. Simply replace the Color-Name with the color you want from above and you will get it. The number at the end is the quantity of dyes.

additem( ‘Dye Color-Name’ ,4)

How to Apply Dyes to Armor?

First, you need to know that dyes in The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine can only be applied to Witcher Gear Sets, not ordinary armor pieces. To use a dye, select a dye in the Armor Tab, preview it to see how it looks, and then confirm your selection.

If you get bored with a color, you can always change it to another color or completely remove it using a Dye Remover. You can purchase the remover from the Dye merchant. Doing so will cost you nothing but a few resources.

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