The Witcher 3 A Knight’s Tale Quest Guide

A Knight’s Tale is a level 40 side quest that takes place in the Blood and Wine expansion of The Witcher 3. The quest takes place within the Gorgon Foothills region and players must help Jacob the woodcutter figure out why a nearby tree is crying and bleeding in order to complete The Witcher 3 A Knight’s Tale quest.

How to start A Knight’s Tale

If you haven’t already picked up the quest, you can check the noticeboard at Castel Ravello to start A Knight’s Tale. Talk to Jacob who will explain the situation after which you can use your Witcher Sense to investigate the tree and its surroundings.

Upon further questioning, Jacob will tell you that there is a witch in Lynx Crag who seems to be responsible for the bleeding tree and the curse upon it.

The Witcher 3 A Knight’s Tale walkthrough

Now Geralt has to go to the witch and ask her about the curse. Before you leave, Jacob will give you the Tales and Fables book which can be read to unlock more choices during the quest. After reading the book, head to Lynx Crag and enter the cave. Continue fighting through the cave until you see a chest near the southern entrance.

Climb the chest to a higher vantage point and use your witcher sense and you will see another dead body nearby. Check the dead body to get Sir Gareth’s Bone. You will need this later. Exit the cave and follow the path to reach the witch’s hut which was your main objective.

Inside the hut, you will see a bear pelt hanging on the wall. Interact with it to reveal some items hidden behind it. At this point, the witch will appear, accompanied by a panther.


Players are given three choices at this stage of A Knight’s Tale quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. They can ask the witch for help by pleading, threatening her to help them, or telling her that they will lift the curse and don’t need her.

Do keep in mind that if you threaten her, you will have to fight the witch of lynx crag and her panther. Below we have given how each choice plays out in A Knight’s Tale so players have an idea of what to expect

Threaten the witch

As mentioned before, if you threaten the witch a fight will begin. Once the witch has been defeated after a very tough fight, she will agree to lift the curse.

This will pretty much end the quest right here as all that’s left is to return to Jacob and tell him that the job is done. However, once you go back to Jacob, you won’t be able to find him. Instead, if you survey the surrounding areas you will see that Jacob has been murdered by someone.

Lift the curse yourself or plead to the witch

While both of these choices lead pretty much to the same result, it is better to plead to the witch for help. She won’t lift the curse but she will at least give you instructions on how to do it. This is where the bone you picked up earlier comes in.

So basically to lift the curse, you need Sir Gareth’s Bone and a handkerchief you picked up from behind the bear pelt. With these items in hand and the Witch’s instructions, head back to Jacob and talk to him. Now both of you will attempt to lift the curse.

If you didn’t plead with the witch, there is a high possibility you will fail the next step and be unable to lift the tree curse.

If you didn’t pick up Sir Gareth’s Bone earlier, you can still proceed with the quest. However, at this stage attempting to lift the curse will summon Daphne on the cursed tree. Daphne will also appear if you mess up the ritual by lighting the fires in the wrong order.

If Daphne is in wraith form, based on you messing up the ritual, you will have to fight her to complete A Knight’s Tale quest. However, if you did the ritual correctly, Daphne’s peaceful ghost will appear and thank you for lifting her curse.

Completing the ritual with the bone and lifting the girl’s curse will also count towards Proof of Wisdom for Aerondight sword. Once the tree curse has been lifted, Jacob will reward you with the agreed-upon money and you will earn 150 XP.

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