The Witcher 2 Woe To The Vanquished Quest Walkthrough

What should you do with the Soldiers mistreating the Villagers in Woe To The Vanquished Quest?

In The Witcher 2, Woe to the Vanquished quest, Geralt decides to teach some cocky soldiers a lesson for mistreating and abusing the inhabitants of a village they are conquering. This quest starts during the To the Temple quest when King Foltest asks you to find a way into the castle temple.

You can find the way through the village area inside the La Valette Castle. As you enter the village, you’ll see some soldiers crowding the villagers in an area, restricting them. From here, go left, and a cutscene will play where a woman runs out of her house crying for help.

At the same time, a soldier comes out of her house and shoots her dead. This enrages Geralt, starting the Woe To The Vanquished Quest in The Witcher 2. This quest has two tasks, and you can do either first.

Save the two Villagers in The Witcher 2

Go inside the house where the woman came from. Here, the soldiers hold the men and demand them to pay them in gold and silver. Interact with them, and you’ll have three options to make them disappear. You use an Axii sign to force them to leave, intimidation to threaten, or persuasion to scare them away. All three of them work.

The threat may cause a fight, but both are easy to defeat. After the soldiers are gone, the villagers will thank you. You can ask for a reward, and this decision will affect you later.

Confront the Commander

Go deeper into the village, and you’ll find a commander in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. He has trapped villagers inside and is about to set the building on fire, killing them all. Confront him, and this will start a fight. Defeat him, and he’ll voluntarily order soldiers to stop the operation of fire.

Now, you need to free the villagers. Go inside the last door before the turn on the right side, and you’ll find some people there. Again, You can ask for a reward or set them free in The Witcher 2.

If you didn’t ask for a reward in either task, at the end of conquering the castle, some people would approach you and reward you for saving the villagers. This would only happen if you set people free in both tasks without a reward.

The reward is a Diagram of a Heavy leather jacket and 50 Orens. There is also a collective 150 Experience for doing both tasks.

An extra option in both tasks during a confrontation allows the player to leave and not interfere. This will mark the quest as failed. Also, if you finish one task and go looking for the temple, the task will be marked as a failure.

That is how you can complete this small quest by saving the innocent villagers in The Witcher 2 Woe To The Vanquished Quest.

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