The Witcher 2: To The Temple Quest Walkthrough

Discover the alternate way so King Foltest can enter the Temple with his men.

To the Temple is a story quest that King Foltest will assign you in The Witcher 2. Following the quest Trial by Fire, the King will ask you to discover another passage into the temple.

You need to explore the area in the city and seek out an underground tunnel. Return to the burning houses, and there will be a short cutscene. This will add the quest Woe to the Vanquished for you to complete later.

Help the soldiers and fight the enemy

Go inside the house to investigate this matter and tell the guards to leave. After this, you can leave that house and enter the street to find some soldiers. You can join them and clear out the area. Immediately after that, a cutscene will play, and you will notice the blocked passage.

Now that this passage has become inaccessible, you must find another way into the side alley in The Witcher 2.

Discover another way to find the well

For that matter, you can simply return to where you found the soldiers harassing the villagers. Another cutscene will play in which you will observe a dead soldier lying next to a wooden door. Go towards it and use Aard to break it open.

Once you go through it, you will receive your objectives regarding the Quest To the Temple in the Witcher 2. You must descend into the well and reach the Temple Courtyard this time.

Enter the sewers by jumping into the Well

You will find the well relatively easily on your left side, but some enemies will guard it, so make quick work of them. Then, you can climb into the well and continue through the broken wall area.

Turn left from that place and then jump down into the sewers. Follow the path there, and you will find a Drowner feasting; kill it with your silver sword. Before you head any further into the dark sewers, it is highly suggested that you drink potions such as (Pot) Cat. This way, you can get a better vision in dark places and even see-through walls in The Witcher 2.

Go through the Sewers to reach the Monastery Courtyard

Navigate through the sewer passage and make your way to the northwestern end. Along the way, you can find a brick wall you can demolish with an Aard sign. This way, you can salvage a Temerian sword behind it. As you go through the sewers, you will encounter other Drowners, so dodge their attacks and take them out individually.

Once you reach the end of the passage, use Aard to clear out the wall. Next, you can take out the Drowner enemy, and then a cutscene will play.

This way, you can find a way out of the underground passage near the Temple. Moreover, looking towards the right side through the broken wall, you will notice a group of Scoi’tael near a small boat at the shore.

Eliminate the Guards present inside the Monastery

You can head up the temple and find some enemy guards, so engage them in battle and kill them all. The door on your left leading into the La Valette Castle will be locked, so you must head outside by climbing the broken wall in The Witcher 2.

Three guards will be present outside; you will need to kill all of them to proceed into the Temple. Use Quen before you start the fight and evade their incoming blows. Then, you can time your strikes and kill each of them. You can loot them and check the surrounding area to find some chests. Unlock these and salvage the items, and then you can go through the door to reach the courtside area.

Once inside, you will have to fight your way through the enemy soldiers guarding the place, and since you will be facing six soldiers this time, it would be better to target each one of them individually.

The only soldier you need to worry about is the one with the horned helmet, so kill him at the end. Stun the enemy guards using Yrden and then land those sword strikes to kill them in The Witcher 2.

Use the Key to open the gate

After killing all the soldiers, you can check their loot to find an important item. This will be the gate guard’s key in the Witcher 2. Now, you can go through that place and use this key to gain access to another room, which will be present on your left side.

Inside, you will find a large handwheel to move the large gate outside. You will need to turn this mechanism, and once the gate is open, King Foltest and his men can enter the Monastery in the Witcher 2.

Meet with King Foltest in The Witcher 2

You can meet with them, and King Foltest will praise you for finding a way inside the Monastery. The scene will shift after this specific conversation, and you will find yourself inside the castle being interrogated by Vernon Roche. This way, the quest To the Temple in The Witcher 2 will also be marked as complete.

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