How To Perform Dethmold’s Necromantic Ritual In The Witcher 2

Perform the Dethmold Necromantic Ritual to learn about Assassins.

Dethmold conducts a Necromantic Ritual on the dead assassin in The Witcher 2 who attacked the King after the Prelude to War: Kaedwen quest. This ritual reveals the information needed to know who sent these men to attack the King.

This continues The Assassins of Kings quest, which is the main quest. This guide will focus on the necromantic ritual performed by Dethmold and how to perform it.

How to start the Dethmold’s Necromantic ritual?

After the two assassins attack the King, the fight starts between them and Geralt outside of the King’s tent. In this fight, focus on one of them as it is no use in going after both. The game is designed to let one go, so it’s better to save time and kill one of the assassins.

This will then trigger a scene where Dethmold decides to perform the necromantic ritual in The Witcher 2. He will ask you to help him in his tent. To find him, go straight out of the King’s camp and keep going until you reach nearly the end.

Then turn left on the second last tent and go inside to find Dethmold. He now has the dead body on a table and plans to conduct the Necromantic ritual with your help.

Dethmold tells you that he needs your help as you are a mutant. He plans to perform Hanmarvyn’s Blue Dream ritual in which only a mutant can survive. Any other human would instantly die. For the ritual to affect Geralt, he needs to drink a potion named Gadwall Potion. Before going for this potion, you can ask him other questions to know about this process.

To get Gadwall Potion in The Witcher 2, go outside his tent, and just by the entrance, you’ll find a sleeping man named Master Myron. He is the master apothecary. Talk to him and select the trade option. First, buy the formula and then find the relative ingredient in his shop. According to the needed type of items, these are the items you can buy from his shop.

  • Rebis – Celandine
  • Vermilion – Wolfsbane
  • Caelium – Bryonia
  • Sol – Verbena
  • Aether – Troll tongue

Now craft the Gadwall potion in The Witcher 2 and use it on yourself. Now go and talk to Dethmold and tell him you are ready. He will then start the ritual and ask you to keep in mind every detail. Soon, you’ll control the now-dead assassin with his companion going somewhere.

Follow the other assassin closely behind. There would be some harpies in your way, so be prepared to kill them to move forward. Look out for traps in your way. They are littered all over the path. If you accidentally pierce yourself with one, the dream will end, and you’ll have to start over.

After a while, you’ll find out that Letho in The Witcher 2 is now going toward Loc Muinne and that Sile, the sorceress, is conspiring with the assassins. As both of you reach the King’s Henselt’s tent, wait for the guard to move away, then sneak in. Otherwise, just kill him. The dream will then end with the fight against Geralt.

During the dream, some players face a bug. This bug stops the other assassin at a rock, and then the dream ends abruptly. Every time, the other assassin stops at the same place, and nothing helps. To counter this bug, it’s better to restart the game or start the quest again from the start.

Where is Kingslayers’ hideout located?

After telling Dethmold everything, Geralt will continue to find the Kingslayer’s hideout. For this, go through the ravines south of the Keadweni Camp in The Witcher 2. Go all the way through the path, and soon, you’ll see a stone door. Open it to reveal a hidden area.

You’ll find some Gargoyles inside on your path. Defeat them and keep an eye out for traps as they are filled in this area, as seen in the dream. Once you follow the tracker to the main room, you’ll find Golem here. He is harder to kill with strong attacks, so focus on Quen and blocking.

Once Golem is dead, look for the body of another assassin named Serrit. He would tell you a little bit more about Geralt’s past, which would then trigger a new memory. Serrit then dies, so loot his body. Go back to Dethmold and tell him everything, who will then give you the Medallion, completing the quest.

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