How To Use Poses Mod In The Sims 4?

This guide will cover everything related to Poses in The Sims 4, including its requirements and how they work.

The Sims 4 lets you create unique characters and orchestrate their lives to the smallest detail. But sometimes, capturing that perfect moment in a photo requires more than just in-game animations. This is where pose mods come in.

These mods expand the range of poses available to your Sims, allowing you to create more dynamic and interesting compositions. Whether you want to capture a heartwarming family portrait, a romantic embrace, or a dramatic action scene, pose mods give you the tools to bring your vision to life.

This guide will outline everything you need to know about using poses in The Sims 4. We’ll cover the best mods, explain how to install and use them, and offer tips for creating stunning in-game photography.

Requirements to Use Poses in The Sims 4 

Poses in The Sims 4 need the installation of two essential mods.

  • The Pose Player
  • Teleport Any Sim.

Both these Mods are available on Sims4Studio. After downloading file, read their guide to understand more about the mod’s capabilities. Because these modifications are deemed  Custom Content (CC), gamers must unzip the contents in Documents ⇒ Electronic Arts ⇒The Sims 4 ⇒ Mods after downloading them.

Then, save the list of game animations to your computer and copy/paste the CAS trait animations to Notepad. Then go to The Sims 4’s “Options” and activate Custom Content and Mods and Script Mods from “Other.”

If this is not done, the poses will not be displayed in the game. Now that you’ve completed all the steps, you should play your game to ensure Pose Player operates properly.

Where to Find Poses?

The first thing you need to do is go to Andrew’s Studio and download Teleport any Sim mod, this mod gives you a teleporter that allows you to either summon a sim or teleport a sim to a specific location. After installing the mod, you also need Andrew’s Pose Player, which allows you to access particular poses in your game.

There are several sites from where you can get the poses downloads. The majority of the poses can be downloaded from The Sims Resource. The Mods category contains the Poses; you can use the search bar for a particular pose. The Sim Catalog is another mod where you can download a range of poses.

Another noteworthy website is The Maxis Match CC World Tumblr. Simply go to the Mods & Stuff section and select the Poses option. This opens up a page to give you a list of poses, and you can choose the required pose from the sub-category. There is also Create a Sims Pose mod. Poses assigned in this case are by traits, so if you assign a particular trait to your Sim, they will begin posing in whatever poses you downloaded and added to your game.

After downloading poses, users must save them in the Mods directory inside the Documents folder. Then, when selecting a Sim in your home, choose “Pose by Name” from the drop-down menu. Then, copy/paste an appropriate animation using the list you got previously. If the animation plays, you’ve installed the mod correctly.

After you’re sure the mod is working properly, you can repeat the test on additional Sims with a different pose or animation. Many Sims can perform different stances and animations at the same moment. However, some need Sims to “connect” to complete a position.

How to Do Poses?

There are two methods to employ poses:

  • In-game
  • Create A Sim

In-game method

You will need a Sim Teleporter Destination from the build mode for the in-game posing. Set up anywhere you want to. Note that some poses require precise positioning of the teleporter; these poses usually include objects, but if you’re going to do a simple standing pose, place your teleporter anywhere.

Another thing to remember is that every sim needs 1 teleporter. Once you’ve placed the teleporters close together, left-click on the teleporter, and you can either teleport a sim or summon a sim. The difference between both options is that teleporting brings in a sim from the nearby area on the same land, while summoning can bring any sim from the same file.

Once you summon the sims, click on any sim, choose the Pose by Pack option, and choose a pose. Repeat the process until you choose a pose for all the summoned sims. You can also select the Pose by Name option if you have a limited number of poses available, but if you have a bundle of different poses, it’s better to stick with the pack option.

If you have objects nearby, place your teleporter in the middle of them, summon your sims, and repeat the pose process. Objects can give you fun ideas to pose with.

Create A Sim Method

The second way of posing is through the Create a Sim method, which requires traits. Each trait has a series of poses, and when you select it, your sim begins posing. This is the perfect time for you to take screenshots. This method is perfect for taking pictures without putting your sim out in the in-game environment.

It is important to note here that there are poses that use particular custom content to create a sim asset. These custom contents include objects, accessories, or hairstyles.

To understand how this object works, save your sim and return to the household. When you return to the in-game environment, your sim will attach the object to it. Set up your teleporter and choose a pose from Pose by Pack. Note that some pose bundles do use create a sim items.

How to Pose Sims?

You must use Sim Teleporter Destination from the Misc Decorations menu to pose with two or more Sims. You can find it by going to the Buy Mod and finding the Teleporter object under Decoration > Misc or search it. You don’t need to purchase the object as it will be for free.

Simply place the teleporter anywhere you want to and left-click on it to activate it. Now, you can use two or more teleporters, depending on how many you want to pose with. Depending on where your Sim is, you can choose Teleport a Sim or Summon a Sim option, and repeat the posing process above.

Once you have placed the teleporter, teleport the sims, click on one of the sims, and head to the Choose Pose by Pack to select a pose from the pack.

When you select the pose for any particular sim, it will be in their action queue. Close the menu and select other sims to repeat the process. When you select poses for all the sims, they begin posing together.

Best Pose Mods for The Sims 4

Among the variety of mods and expansion packs, we have listed some of the best pose mods you can download and use for your pictures.

Bored in Bed

Bored in Bed by Katverse is perfect for lazy days when sims get into their comfortable clothes and pose. You can even play all the poses on an unending loop to decide what you need for the pictures.

The Wedding Pose

Get romantic and memorable photos of your sims with the wedding poses by Beto_aeo. Before jumping into the photo shoot, you must plan the perfect outfits and location.

Mermaid Poses

Another pose pack by Beto_aeo, Atlantis, gives you the vibe of a magical realm. You can now dress up your sims like a mermaid to give them the feeling of an Occult being. Bommiekoiv has another mermaid pack introduced but it uses objects and two or more sims.

Smitten Poses

Smitten Poses by Ratboysims includes some romantic interactions between two sims utilizing teleporters.

The Tango Dance

Make your sims sway in tango moves and click their pictures as their bodies intertwine in a passionate dance.

Love Surprise

Make your sims look hopelessly in love with a romantic photoshoot with the Love Surprise pose pack. This pack includes cute gestures and poses that make your couple look adorable.

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