How to Use Poses in The Sims 4

Sims 4 has many distinct features, and striking different poses with your Sim is one distinct feature that has intrigued gamers. You can make different poses with your Sim to get a perfect picture. This guide will cover everything related to Poses in The Sims 4, the best mods related to them, including their requirements and how they work.

Requirements to Use Poses in The Sims 4 

Poses in The Sims 4 need the installation of two essential mods.

  • The Pose Player
  • Teleport Any Sim.

Both these Mods are available on Sims4Studio. After downloading file, read their guide to understand more about the mod’s capabilities. Because these modifications are deemed  Custom Content (CC), gamers must unzip the contents in Documents Electronic Arts The Sims 4 Mods after downloading them.

Then, save the list of game animations to your computer and copy/paste the CAS trait animations to notepad. Then go to The Sims 4’s “Options” and activate Custom Content and Mods and Script Mods from “Other.”

The poses will not be displayed in the game if this is not done. Now that you’ve completed all the steps, you should play your game to ensure Pose Player is operating properly.

Downloading Pose Packs to Use Poses

There are several sites from where you can get the poses downloads. The majority of the poses can be downloaded from The Sims Resource. Mods category contains the Poses; you can also use the search bar for a particular pose.

Another noteworthy website is The Maxis Match CC World Tumblr, which gives a section for Create A Sim positions and classifies the poses by type, age, amount, and gender. Poses are arranged alphabetically and include poses for weddings, camping, Christmas, etc.

After downloading poses, users must save them in the Mods directory inside the Documents folder. Then, when selecting a Sim in your home, choose “Pose by Name” from the drop-down menu. Then, using the list, you got previously, copy/paste an appropriate animation. If the animation plays, you’ve installed the mod correctly.

After you’re sure the mod is working properly, you can repeat the test on additional Sims with a different pose or animation. Many Sims can perform different stances and animations at the same moment. However, some need Sims to “connect” to complete a position.

How to Do Poses

There are two methods to employ poses:

  • In-game.
  • Create A Sim

CC developers largely use the in-game one to obtain poses to boast about their latest inventions, like apparel, accessories, and hairstyles.

If you download the pose, the developer will first clarify which Trait it will support. As a result, when Simmers choose the Perfectionist Trait in Create a Sim, any poses related to this Trait will execute.

Furthermore, because the poses will appear sequentially, Sims 4 players should utilize the screenshot feature to take as many pictures as possible. Simmers can subsequently pick their favorites and discard the others. In CAS, players may zoom in and out as frequently as they’d like.

Simmers must remember that every Trait can only keep up one set of poses. Thus, if someone downloads 2 sets for the Bookworm Trait, it’s possible that either one of them will work or that neither will work at once.

Anyone may utilize the in-game poses for whatever. Simmers must first put the Sims in the selected Lot and create the ideal backdrop. When they pick a Sim, the Pose Player will present them with two options:

  • Pose by Name
  • Pose by Pack.

The second choice is preferable since the first is inconvenient. Pose by Name requires Simmers to write the pack or pose’s exact name, whereas Pose by Pack displays a list of all accessible pose packs.

Before choosing a particular pack, the Sims should be at the same location. The Sims 4 tasks are typically impossible to finish. In contrast, the Teleport Any Sim mod allows you to do the impossible. The Teleporter, which resembles a knight statue, is located in Build Mode.

Keep in mind that the amount of Sims and the number of Teleporters must match. For instance, three Teleporters are required for a pose with three Sims.

Teleporters are typically positioned above the intended area when it comes to deployment.

The isolation of the Teleporters is necessary for particular positions.  But if you get it wrong, then the designer of the pose pack often provides placement instructions.

After placing the Teleporters, players have to click on all Teleporters and then use the Teleport a Sim Here tool to transport the Sims into the Teleporters. In contrast,  Summon a Sim Here is The Sims 4’s feature that enables players to fetch any Sim from practically anywhere, whether they are a part of the household. After that, participants have to:

  • Choose Pose by Pack
  • Decide which pack they like their Sim to pose in
  • Replicate with the remaining Sims

Players can choose a pose by clicking on the sphere with the selected Sim in the upper left corner of the list. Mostly, developers mark the selected Sim on the picture that comes with each pack to indicate which poses it contains.

In order for the participants to know which pose relates to which gender, they may mark the poses with M1, M2, and F1, F2, which stand for Male and Female, respectively. After giving each Sim a pose, take a picture of them.

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