How to Get and Use Voodoo Doll in The Sims 4

We have put together a detailed guide to help you figure out how to get and use the Voodoo Doll on other Sims in Sims 4.

Seen too many horror movies? Have a little bit of an evil streak in you? Well, then you would probably want to release all those pent-up witch skills and a mean evil streak in The Sims 4, and what better way to do it than have other Sims do your bidding thanks to a voodoo doll!

Once you read this guide, you’ll know how to get and use the voodoo doll in Sims 4 and how it can be used to interact with other sims.

How to Get Voodoo Doll in The Sims 4

There are various ways to acquire the voodoo doll, and all you need is consistency.

The doll can be acquired simply by leveling up the mischief skill (because why won’t you have a Mischief Skill when you make an evil Sim), and even while fishing or digging; this guide will show you exactly how to acquire your very own magical object.

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While the Voodoo doll can be acquired by fishing in the far-back waters of Oasis Springs Park or in the Forgotten Grotto and Sylvan Glades, the best way is to level up your Mischief skill.

There is also a chance you will get the doll while digging random areas for treasure.

If you are going for the Mischief Skill option, you will have to increase your skill to level 3.

Once you reach that level, an on-screen message will tell you the doll is now purchasable. Simply use your computer and purchase as many Madame Zoe’s Voodoo Dolls as you like since you can bind multiple Sims to a different doll. Each doll costs 950 simoleans.

The dolls will appear immediately in the Sim’s inventory upon purchase.

How to Bind Voodoo Doll

Now that you have the doll, you can use it to unleash the evil within you. Before you can do that, however, and it doesn’t matter how you acquired the doll, you will need to increase your Mischief skill to at least level 1.

Each doll can be bound to one specific Sim, and then it can be used on them.

Any Sim from your Sim’s friends list can be chosen for the binding spell as long as they are on the same Active Lot as your own Sim.

Just click on the doll and use “Bind.” Binding may not always be successful if your Mischief Skill level is low, so it’s probably a good idea to have the skill at level 3.

No matter how evil you are, you still have a heart which is probably why Voodoo dolls can’t be used on children, and neither can they use the dolls themselves to bind someone.

The doll comes with a list of default interactions when the Sim is at Mischief level 1; however, increasing the skill level adds a few more interactions.

Voodoo Doll interactions

  • Summon: Summons the bound Sim to the current Active Lot
  • Poke: This interaction is available starting from Level 1 Mischief Skill. The bound Sim will get Angry and receive the Pain moodlet.
  • Frolic: This interaction also requires Level 1 Mischief Skill the targeted Sim becomes Playful and gets the Joy moodlet.
  • Tickle: This interaction needs Level 3 in the Mischief Skill and will put the targeted Sim in an Uncomfortable state with the Uneasy moodlet on them.
  • Soak: Requires level 5 in Mischief and puts the targeted Sim in a Dazed state.
  • Cuddle: This is a bonus skill only for those who have Level 2 in Charisma. The targeted Sim becomes Flirty.

While Voodoo magic may be cool, it has its consequences, and in some cases, it can backfire on the caster.

  • Successful Voodoo: The Active Sim, the one doing the magic, gets the Confident moodlet and emotion.
  • Backfire Voodoo: The spell backfires, and the Active Sim gets the Uncomfortable emotion.
  • Failed Voodoo: The spell fails, and the Active Sim becomes Sad.

How to Remove Effects of (Unbind) Voodoo Doll

If you somehow get tired of your tyrannical reign, the Sims you have a holdover can be freed since Bind is not permanent and can be undone by choosing Unbind by clicking on the Voodoo Doll.

However, this option is available only to those with Level 5 in Mischief Skill.

Sims, who are at work, cannot be unbound, so you will have to wait for them to get free since they cannot be Summoned. Those who aren’t currently in the same lot as the player’s Sim will have to be Summoned before you can Unbind them.

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